Monthly Archives: May 2014

Food War: 3 Reasons to Muscle Test Your Foods

Currently, there is a war going on. Actually, scratch that. Currently, there are wars going on, and one is none other than the battle to bring down our food supply even more. You may have heard about the recent threat to our organic food supply. If not, basically, the USDA’s regulations on its organic labeling process has changed. What this ... Read More »

Before You Cleanse, Ener-Sized with these Seven Tips

 If you are slightly even considering spring cleaning your body this Spring, a season some alternative medicine doctors believe is an optimal time to start a cleanse, it is pivotal that you check in with your body’s wisdom to see if it is a good time to start before you semi-starve yourself for 5 days or 21 days. Let’s face ... Read More »

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