Monthly Archives: December 2014

Awarenesses that have transformed my life and health

Truth is always my friend; it is the only thing that is always loving, kind and healing. Truth needs no defense; it is never fragile. When a client comes to Quantum Techniques to heal, they come believing a lie. If everything they believe to be true about their health was true, they would be healed. Truth must be allowed to ... Read More »

Perfectionism is a Form of Autoimmune Disease: Let’s be free of it!

This is Dr Stephen Daniel, the co-founder of with my beautiful wife Beth. Quantum Techniques is the most comprehensive advanced form of energy medicine done remotely in the world today.  Our commitment is to teach you how to heal yourself. I want to share a thought today about perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually an autoimmune disease. Now what is an ... Read More »

“Love is Letting Go and Giving Others Room to Grow”

How often do you notice yourself jumping at every opportunity to correct the people you love, what they should do, how they should be, and why they need to change? If you see yourself doing that, don’t worry. You’re not alone. You may not do it consciously, but on some level, whether it’s subconscious, unconscious, or even on a soul ... Read More »

Dr Carolee Johnson Demonstrates the Supertonic Cold and Flu Remedy

  Hi, I’m Dr Carolee Johnson with Quantum Techniques.  I have help today to do a demonstration – this is my daughter. Today we’re going to demonstrate supertonic which is an all purpose cold and flu tonic that we use in our family every winter. It’s really helpful taking care of pathogens, stomach flu, things of that nature.  It makes ... Read More »

Three Wisdoms to Live By

When you’re sick, there’s always a spiritual lesson to be learned. Always. The thing with this is that when you don’t learn the lesson, the problem often comes back later to remind you again and again what it is that you need to learn before the problem clears. While you do whatever you need to do to feel better, here ... Read More »

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