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Colic: It’s Usually Not the Baby

There is nothing more heart-wrenching and at times frustrating than an infant who screams daily and inconsolably for prolonged periods. We tend to wonder what is wrong with the baby, but often it is something in Mom’s diet that enters the breast milk and is problematic for the infant’s digestive system. Common offenders are cow’s milk, wheat and sometimes even ... Read More »

What is the True Purpose of my Life

Our acquired beliefs would lead us to believe that we are here to only experience physical and emotional comfort and wealth.  That we should never have to struggle, suffer, or work hard.  Everything should come easily to us, and we should have at least as much if not more than anyone else.  We believe we should be the center of ... Read More »

You Can Heal Yourself

Do you know that you can heal yourself? The question you might ask is How? All of us have a healer within, but we might not know or remember this. For most of our lives, we might have been accustomed to going to someone when something ails us. For most of us, we were never really taught to turn within ... Read More »

Location, Location, Location!

The quality of one’s life, be it happiness or suffering, is not due to external events.  The quality of one’s life is 100% dependent on where and in what time zone I give my attention.  If I am spiritually awake and find myself in a dark place of fear or suffering, I can immediately end my suffering by changing my ... Read More »

Quick Cures for Sore Throats

At the first sign of a sore throat, if you blast it immediately, you can often abort the sore throat or the flu that it heralds with these quick tricks: 1) homeopathic aconitum 30C.  Suck on 4 pellets under the tongue; repeat every hour 3 or 4 times. 2) “Isatis” Chinese herbal formula made by Seven Forests Chinese herbs.  Take ... Read More »

Stop the Inflammation, Stop the Pain

Inflammation is the precursor or cause of almost all disease processes, pain or degeneration.  Inflammation in any area of the body causes pain, as in arthritis, itching and irritation, as in psoriasis or vaginitis, or tissue destruction and/or scarring, as in  atherosclerosis or hepatitis. While the modern medical approach is to suppress the inflammation, this can be problematic.    Unfortunately, anti inflammatory drugs ... Read More »

What are Negative States and Where Do They Come From?

What are negative states? Where do they come from? Does it matter what their origins are? There are three primary types of negative states. They all affect us in similar ways, but we need to deal with them in different ways to effectively heal. The first is acquired beliefs. These are beliefs we acquire through exposure in the first seven ... Read More »

All We Have Is Now: Dr. Stephen Daniel

It is always Now! Now is the only time that is real, true, healing, or allows transformation. Everything else, the past and the future, are simply products of my imagination. My imagination is not my friend. Anytime I leave the present moment and imagine the past or future, I am creating suffering. Your imagination can’t heal you, but it can ... Read More »

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels during the Winter with a QT Universal Healing Code Many people in the United States aren’t getting enough vitamin D. And, you may be one of them. If you have a chronic issue, you need to up your intake of this steroid hormone more than ever before. A closer look into vitamin D shows that ... Read More »

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