Monthly Archives: February 2016

What Causes Skin Cancer?

My name is Dr. Stephen Daniel. I am the co-founder of coming to you from Maui, Hawaii. We practice the most comprehensive form of energy medicine diagnostics over the phone anywhere in the world everyday. I want to talk to you about preventing and curing skin cancer. In our system, our understanding, skins cancer involves four things. One is ... Read More »

Avoid Teflon Pans and Use This Instead

My name is Beth Daniel. I’m the co-founder of Quantum Techniques. One of the things we do at Quantum Techniques is to test incoming clients in regards to products that they use in their daily life, even cookware. I want to talk to you today about why you should not use Teflon pans. I think it’s pretty well known that ... Read More »

Nontoxic Soap and Cleanser Miracle 2 Soap

My name is Beth Daniel and I am the co-founder of Quantum Techniques. We are a comprehensive energy medicine system that we practice all over the world, via the phone. Oftentimes we make product recommendations for our clients. Just so you know we get no kickbacks from any company for any of our product recommendations. Often our clients are real ... Read More »

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