Monthly Archives: September 2016

Two Simple Words

In the Zen tradition, there is a directive to put an end to suffering.  An end to pain.  A way to bring joy and richness to life. Nothing Extra Simple yet profound.  Simple yet requiring constant awareness, moment to moment vigilance. When you do the dishes, the dishes are all you are doing – your awareness is fully there, your ... Read More »

Clearing Pets of Trauma

Hi, this is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques, the most comprehensive diagnostic form of energy medicine in the world today. I work with people all over the world to help them discover why they’re having problems with their health to find out what they can do about it. Today I wanted to share with you. Most recently I got a ... Read More »

You Can Heal Brain Heavy Metal Toxicity

This is Dr. Steven Daniel with Quantum Techniques. I’m the co-founder, with my wife Beth of, which is the most widely used form of energy medicine today. It’s very comprehensive, and we can work with anybody all over the world, over the phone. I want to share something that’s new information to us, and that is how can you ... Read More »

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