Monthly Archives: August 2019

A New Product that Knocks Out Fungal Infections

My name is Dr. Stephen Daniel and I am the co-founder of I want to tell you about a new product that we became aware of through one of our clients who reads a lot of Sherry Rogers’ newsletters. The product is a a different kind of grape seed extract. There are two places you can get it:, ... Read More »

Healing Gout with Neuroplasticity (Part 5)

I’m JJ Curren, a practitioner here at Quantum Techniques (QT). Today, I would like to continue with a series of videos about rapid healing of chronic issues with neuroplasticity, specifically with regards to gout. If you haven’t watched the first video yet, I would encourage you to do so. As I stated in the initial video, a key component to ... Read More »

Amazing Relief in the Moment of a Trauma

Hi, I’m Dr. Carolee with Quantum Techniques, the most cutting edge healing system in the world. Yesterday my daughter was in a minor car accident and she was a bit banged up and traumatized. I immediately started to run the QT trauma code for her. Even though I didn’t have the written trauma code in front of me, I’ve used ... Read More »

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