Monthly Archives: September 2019

Top Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

My name is Beth Daniel, and I’m the co-founder of, the finest in energy medicine. We work with people all over the world on the phone each day. I’m sure you’ve heard that before if you listened to our videos, but it is worth repeating. I often get asked questions about supplements for various conditions. Inflammation is a really ... Read More »

Animals and Energy Healing

Hi. I’m Dr. Carolee Johnson with Quantum Techniques, the most cutting edge healing system in the world. I have a new friend named Lyla. We brought her into our home. She’s acting playful and happy now and she’s getting used to her diet, being fed. She was really quite thin when I got her, but she had digestive issues and ... Read More »

Women’s Hormones ( Hi, this is Jody King Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. We have developed a proven technique to quickly determine your root cause of your health issue using a form of energy medicine. I work with people all over the world on the phone, helping them determine why they’re having a health issue and what they can do about it. ... Read More »

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