Allow Adversity to Transform Your Life


I am Dr. Stephen Daniel, one of the founders of, the most comprehensive remote form of energy medicine in the world today. Coming to you from Maui, hence the casual clothing. With my beautiful wife Beth, we’re going to be doing a little series on “how do you allow your ‘oh no!’ moments to be ‘aha!’ moments”.

This is one of many. Back in 1998, I was a psychologist getting into energy medicine. I was having great results. I had a psychologist practice where I did thought-field therapy face-to-face with clients using muscle testing, which had been approved by Blue Cross Blue Shield, because they loved how rapid it worked. I had a remote phone practice in which I asked Blue Cross Blue Shield and they said “Sure, we’d love to see that”. But when they recognized when some of my sessions were only five minutes long, ten minutes long, they said “No, you can’t bill that”, and I said “No problem”. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t violating any laws, and I did have American Psychological Associate credits for the training, so I had assumed it was okay.

Now, being cautious, I called the state board, and said “Is this psychotherapy?”. They said “We can’t answer that unless you file a complaint against yourself and we investigate you”. That didn’t seem like a good idea, so I just started going forward.

There were no complaints against me, by anyone, any clients. What brought this up into my mind is I just got something on Google, and, for $8,000, Google will release, or erase, my disciplinary acts from State Board of Psychology examiner, so no one could ever find it. Well, gee, if I lived in business world today, and didn’t believe in consciousness – the truth is always my friend – I would say, “Erase it! Here’s my $8,000”. I don’t believe in that; truth is your friend.

What actually happened was the state board wanted the secrets of how I did this remote energy work. They were going to fine me $100 every day until I turned them over, or closed my practice. I turned to the attorney general in the meeting with the state board and he said “Your work is not psychotherapy”. I said “Okay”, and continued “Listen, I’m a welder, and I do a lot of welding for people, and cabinetry”, all of this is true. “Can they tell me how to run my practice?” He said, “Well, no, that’s not psychotherapy”. I said “Did they just not say that energy medicine in Arizona is not psychotherapy? So it’s outside of their jurisdiction?” And he said “Well, yes”. So I said, “Okay guys, do whatever you want”. There was this explosion of anger and rage because they wanted all my trade secrets, and I wasn’t going to give them up. I’m a rebellious kind of guy, what can I say?

Ultimately, they went through all of my records, about 10,000 pages of case notes, and they found nine case notes missing. I thought “That’s pretty good”: I dictate my notes, someone else types them, someone else files them. They said “What do you think about ten pages missing?”. I said “I think that’s pretty good”. They didn’t think it was good, so they sanctioned me for three years saying that I had to keep better records. Okay. So now I’m sanctioned. That’s a terrible thing. My attorney at the time, who is on the present state bar, said “Well, we can get that erased because what they did is completely unethical and illegal”. I said “Okay, well, what’s that cost?”. He said “Oh, about $75,000 and three years of court”. I said, “That doesn’t sound fun to me”. What I’m doing is so far beyond the little tiny box of what they’re calling psychotherapy in Arizona. If they knew what I was doing now, not just three years ago, man, no telling what they’d do.

So, I said go for it. I then realized that God was telling me to walk away from psychology because the box was too small with what I was called to do. So, I thought, “Well, I’ll sell my practice”. In the way I hear God, I heard “Walk away, don’t divide your energy”. I couldn’t imagine that. You’re making $120,000 a year as a psychologist, you sell that practice. I walked away. Okay? In one year my income tripled. What’s interesting is they were trying to hurt me. I ended up being helped. I attended an EFD conference with Gary Craig up in Flagstaff. Gary is one of my mentors and I consider him a real spiritual teacher. He called me up front and he said “Hey, here’s the most famous psychologist in the United States. He’s the only one ever been sanctioned for doing healing energy work with no client complaints!”

That led to an opportunity to do a presentation on his chronic health series. That presentation, with him selling those DVDs, ultimately meant that my wife and I did not need to do any marketing for eight years. We could actually move to Hawaii because we had so many client referrals. That’s an example of “oh no”, and it’s only because we can’t see the Divine’s “ah-ha”. So, in a sense, everyone is, every day – kind of like the Israelites saying “Are you willing to leave slavery in Egypt? I’ve got a promised land for you, but I can’t tell you what path you’re going to take, what it’s going to look like when you get there, or how long it’s going to take. Do you trust me to turn your ‘oh no’ into an ‘aha!’?”. I will promise you, if you take that jump, even though you don’t know where you’re going to land, you will always land in an “ah-ha!” moment of freedom. Blessings from Quantum Techniques.


About Stephen Daniel Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Daniel obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and then as a psychologist for 22 years prior to retiring as a psychologist to help develop Quantum Techniques and work in bioenergetic medicine full time. During his years as a psychologist he held a proficiency by the American Psychological Association in treating addictive disorders, was advanced-level trained in EMD/R, was a consultant in clinical hypnosis with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and held a Diplomate-Fellow status in psychopharmacology as well as being boarded as a specialist in trauma medicine. Dr. Daniel practices Quantum Techniques as an ordained minister and as a Chaplain. Dr. Daniel was the fifth person ever trained by Dr. Roger Callahan in Voice Technology. He is a conference presenter on the EFT series on chronic illness. He is advanced level trained in NAET by Dr. Nambudripad, and Level 3 trained in TBM by Dr. Victor Frank. Dr. Daniel has Master's level training in Neurolink as well. He is a Licensed Scientific Investigator of the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, using Resonant Field Imaging. He is trained in using Heart Rate Variability Instrumentation as well as Heartmath. In addition, he has studied and developed expertise in Field Control Therapy, Chinese medicine, and Dr. West's lymphatic work. Dr. Daniel is the founding member of QT and lives with his wonderful wife and healer Beth on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

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