Amazing Relief in the Moment of a Trauma

Hi, I’m Dr. Carolee with Quantum Techniques, the most cutting edge healing system in the world. Yesterday my daughter was in a minor car accident and she was a bit banged up and traumatized. I immediately started to run the QT trauma code for her.

Even though I didn’t have the written trauma code in front of me, I’ve used it enough that it is energetically imprinted within me, so I thought about it while my daughter was talking to me. While she was telling me about her accident, I was running the trauma code for her in my mind. I began to hear her start to settle down and she realized that she was okay and that everything would be alright.

Of course, I was very grateful that the accident wasn’t worse – she’s a little stiff and sore today – but she’s okay. We released that trauma from her body. After her chiropractic work, then energetically I can reconnect her brain sutures to her spinal cord which will help release that fascia and relax her body so that she can rest.

The power of the trauma code is an amazing thing. It is especially helpful right in that moment of the actual trauma. Here is the trauma code as a gift to you: EB IF LF SH EB E MF SH IF OE A C. You can also find it on our website at If you want to learn more about the trauma code, or other aspects of QT, contact me at Have a blessed day!

About Dr. Carolee Johnson N.D., M.H.

Carolee Johnson, N.D., M.H. has been practicing in the field of natural health since 1998. She holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health. She was trained as a Master Herbalist by the School of Natural Healing. She was trained in Holistic Iridology by Dr. David J. Pesek. Carolee also holds certifications in Sclerology, Lymphology, and Live Nutrition. She is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Carolee has hosted several live food events with world renowned Russian born author and raw foodist Victoria Boutenko, and has taught many how to regain a good measure of health using hot and cold water, herbs and live nutrition. Thanks to Quantum Techniques she feels she can do a much more complete job in healing. My Personal Testimony: I struggled with my health nearly all my life. After giving birth to my last child, my health completely failed, and the future looked grim. I started working with natural healing after going to doctors and finding that they could do nothing for me. I cured myself of uternine turmors with herbs, live nutrition, hydrotherapy, clean air and sunshine. I also strengthened my ailing heart and kidneys the same way. However, I never regained my strenth and vitality until I met an angel straight out of heaven named Beth Daniel... and then my fortune changed! Quantum Techniques allowed me to find the underlying cause to the constant fatigue and the kidney and heart trouble that never would completely heal. When I came to Quantum Techniques for treatment, I was much too thin and still very weak. I had already tried everything else including other alternative methods and raw food. These natural methods were very helpful, but something was definitely missing. Being able to find the underlying causes made all the difference in regaining complete health and strength, and getting back to normal weight. I was also able to finally rest from the constant bouts of anxiety that had plagued me. Now instead of lying in bed feeling weak and miserable and scared, I enjoy hiking and swimming in natural hot springs with my husband and children, and running a cattle ranch on the desert's modern wild west along the old Pony Express Trail.


  1. Thank you for the Trauma Code! I am intrigued by a statement you made, where you said, “…then energetically I can reconnect her brain sutures to her spinal cord which will help release that fascia and relax her body so that she can rest.”
    Is that (energetic reconnecting) something you would suggest for trauma of other sorts? For instance, I recently experienced a grand mal seizure while asleep, and have been battling tight, painful shoulder/biceps since then.
    I have tried various types of stretches, but have not noticed much improvement.
    Thank you for the great information you have shared!

    • Bonnie, thank you for the question. A grand mal seizure trauma that has caused tightness in the muscles can be reconnected to the body’s healing intelligence with QT, just like a physical/emotional trauma which releases the fascia and allows those muscles to relax. I’ve actually had bones pop back into place as I worked on the client energetically. Energetic reconnection really does make a difference. Blessings, Carolee

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