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Fear of Flying Phobia

Another one of my favorite healing stories was a lady who I spoke with only once. I only talked to her once because she healed in one treatment. She had this terrible phobia of flying in a plane, and it only took me a few minutes to pinpoint the reason as I muscle tested to find out why. Something had ... Read More »

Nontoxic, Chemical-Free, Simple Cleaner

Hi. I’m Dr. Carolee Lee Johnson with the Quantum Techniques Healing Team. One of the questions that I get asked on regular basis is: What am I going to do for a cleaner if I can’t use my chemicals? In a lot of chronic illnesses, then you do need to change out your products so that you’re using something non-toxic ... Read More »

Taking Responsibility For Our Health

“Thou mayest choose for thyself, for it is given unto thee” -Jehovah The bed-rock foundation of life is agency—the power and freedom of choice, and with agency comes personal responsibility.  Although we may not always have control over events which happen to us, in order to heal from the stresses of life, we must take responsibility for our reactions or ... Read More »

Dr Carolee with Quantum Techniques on Super Nutrition

Hi, I’m Dr. Carolee Johnson with the Quantum Techniques daily blog. Today, I am going to talk to you a little bit about super nutrition. When I was first healing, my body was in a very weakened condition and I needed something that would help to bring my strength up. My body didn’t handle synthetic vitamins and minerals. There was ... Read More »

There Is More To Vision Than Meets The Eye

Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” So why do these “windows” grow frequently occluded? Most people believe that vision is merely a function of the eyes when, in fact, it is shaped by our life experiences, and the inherited experiences of those that have gone before us, which shape our beliefs and perceptions. With these limiting ... Read More »

QT Energy and Christmas Food

Hi, I’m Dr. Carolee Johnson with Quantum Techniques. It’s the Christmas season and I know that around Christmas time, that we all tend to eat things that we’re not sure are good for us, and there’s a lot of temptations and a lot of things that we taste and we’re not sure if we should eat it or not. Around ... Read More »

Bell’s Palsy and Quantum Techniques

As I was watching channel 2 news this morning, I noticed a story about a young mother who woke up in the morning with half of her face drooping. She was terrified that it might be a stroke, but soon found out, after a visit to her family doctor, that it was not a stroke at all, but something called ... Read More »

Why I’ve Chosen QT – Dr. Carolee Johnson N.D., M.H.

Hi, I’m Dr. Carolee Johnson with the Quantum Techniques Healing Team. I’m here today to tell you some of the things that happened and how Quantum Techniques helped me. I came to Quantum Techniques because I had severe anxiety. It was like being on that first downhill slope of a roller coaster all of the time and it never went ... Read More »

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