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Doing Your Spiritual Work

The road to happiness and fulfillment involves delving into the unconscious mind to see through the false beliefs, assumptions, gut-reaction interpretations and various emotions stored there. Those of you doing Quantum Techniques are quite familiar with this process. It is the most important work we will do in our lives. It is also the most challenging and the most rewarding. ... Read More »

The Bigger Picture of Musculo-Skeletal Pain and Injury

I would like to explain a number of highly influential factors in chronic or re-occurring back or joint pain that are not traditionally considered. Virus and other pathogens –  chronic pain usually involves inflammation.  Inflammation is often caused by virus in the local area – the joint, muscle or connective tissue, much like a virus can cause inflammation in the throat ... Read More »

Abscesses and Puncture Wounds in Animals

Hello, I am Dr. Kristin Killops of Quantum Techniques, and this is my cat, Houdini, my goofy cat, Houdini. Houdini has a cat door so he can come and go at will and basically has the run of the neighborhood. Every so often, he’ll come back and maybe he’s gotten in a fight with puncture wounds or a pricker or ... Read More »

Cheesy Kale Chips

Its winter and leafy greens like kale are some of the healthiest looking produce in the store. Here’s a tasty and addicting recipe you’ll love! Cheesy Kale Chips 1 bunch kale (the curly leafed variety, not lancinato kale) 2 Tbl olive oil ½ cup nutritional yeast 1/3 tsp salt   Preheat oven to 200*                       cooking time 45 – 60 minutes ... Read More »

Healthy Comfort Food Winter Treats

When the weather is chilly and you’re cuddled up with your family or sweetie watching a good movie, or the kids have just gotten home from school, popcorn is a perfect snack. Here are some tasty alternatives to regular butter and salt. My kids grew up on these. Ideally use an air popper and organic popcorn. If you are allergic ... Read More »

Holiday Codes

Holidays, the grand mix of all that’s good tinged with frustrations or upset tummies – let QT help you enjoy them more fully! Here are some helpful codes to slide you through in style:   Anxiety code:  (frequently a toxin issue) eb  sh  g50  eb  e  mf  sh  if  e  eb  e   c  e  oe  a  c   9g ... Read More »

So you think you’re done with the flu…

It’s that time of year – viruses circle the globe, bacteria as well in the form of flus and stomach flus and the like. Your body heals and yay! – You’re over it; right? Not always. If in a week or a few weeks an old injury is re-aggravated – the shoulder you injured in high school, the back pain ... Read More »

Precancerous Skin Spots

Hello, I am Kristin Killops with Quantum Techniques. Do you have sun spots, or what your doctor might diagnose as a precancerous lesion or a basal cell carcinoma, pre-carcinoma, and sometimes they’re called liver spots? They are these little kind of scabby looking spots that just don’t heal with time. One way you can take care of those at home ... Read More »

Chocolate Zucchini Bread/Cake Recipe

Its summer, wonderful summer.  If you have a garden, you have lots of zucchini.   Lots of extra zucchini. Here’s a great way to use it, Chocolate Zucchini Bread/Cake Made with rice flour and honey, it suits most palates. It is light and moist, unlike many rice flour or gluten free recipes.  Mildly sweet.   Enjoy!   Chocolate Zucchini Cake In large ... Read More »

Why I’ve Chosen QT – Dr Kristin Killops

Hello. I am Kristin Killops of Quantum Techniques. Quantum Techniques’ forte is the treatment of long-standing chronic disease. Conditions like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, back pain, hypertension, things like that respond very nicely. It can also be used for animals quite well and different skin conditions. When an animal is scratching and biting and they’ve often got a ... Read More »

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