You Can Heal Yourself

ThinkstockPhotos-178366705(1)Do you know that you can heal yourself? The question you might ask is How?

All of us have a healer within, but we might not know or remember this. For most of our lives, we might have been accustomed to going to someone when something ails us. For most of us, we were never really taught to turn within for the answers. Think what happens when this continues long term. You just ultimately forget. You become so disconnected and separated from this power that is yours that you forget that the person who has the power to heal you is you.

For starters, Quantum Techniques (QT) is an advanced form of energy medicine. It’s a very comprehensive system that allows practitioners to quickly scan, diagnose energetically, and clear the blocks and cause that might be disturbing your energy fields and bring you back to balance.

While all of that may sound comprehensive and a little complicated to you, and you might even doubt your ability to heal yourself, I am here to tell you that you can learn to do the same. Not only is each one of us our own healer, we can all learn to heal ourselves.

At QT, there are various levels of services provided. Depending on what your intent and interests are, you can either learn to heal yourself or both, yourself and others. That’s not all that QT provides. There are one-on-one healing sessions for those who are just interested in symptom relief and then there are the Elite mentoring program and the QT Academy for those who want to take this work to another level.

What you will learn is that ultimately, practitioners aren’t the one healing you; you are, the Power within you. And, really, it’s not that hard to learn or tap into this power. You just have to learn to be more in tune with yourself, and when you do, the answers you need will come to you and you will know exactly just what to do and what you need to do.

I do have to say that sometimes it helps to get some outside help. That’s perfectly normal. Even in that case, practitioners are mere facilitators who help you remove blocks to your healing. They aren’t doing any supernatural things on you or manipulate any laws to help you get better. That’s the job of the Power within you.

To start healing yourself now, you don’t really need to know a whole lot. To help you get started, below are some products and tools you might want to explore.

All of the above will help you get acclimated with QT and learn to heal yourself. Essentially, you’ll get to the point where self-testing becomes a part of your life and when something in your life is out of balance, you will know what to do on your own to get yourself back into your element again.

If you’re wondering why learning to heal yourself is important as we move into a new millennia, Dr. Stephen Daniel explains in The Value of Self-Testing and its Critical Role in QT:

“In all life decisions, whether about your health, foods, or relationships, you need to know your unconscious truth. No healer or doctor will ever know more about your body’s needs and health than your body knows itself. In QT, we highly encourage you to master the techniques in Truth Techniques I (TTI) so that you can be as independent as possible. In learning these simple techniques, you save yourself from the number one cause of death in America (properly prescribed medications) and take full charge and responsibility for your health and life decisions.

Everyone with a chronic illness has toxic foods and products they need to avoid for healing. Your choice is to call us each time, or learn to test yourself. Before we created TTI, many environmentally ill clients would call and test all their foods for the week, every week. Many clients would stock up on supplies when Dr. Daniel was going out of town and not leave their home until he returned. Now, they can be free of this dependency.

In addition, when something new comes up, a person who learns to self-test can most often discover the new toxin or the new issue involved, and then simply add that information into their current treatment. This allows them to get 10 times more healing out of each individual treatment.

Our goal in QT is to teach you to heal yourself. We are working hard to create other training CDs with that in mind. However, we will always be here when you get stuck. Many of our clients have had amazing results by learning to use self- testing for others. They are able to practice QT themselves by giving the universal QT codes in our manuals to friends, family and pets with depression, trauma, virus, bacteria, and more. It is wonderful to be able to help those you love and know there is no risk involved.”

Basically, we live in a time where it’s critical that we learn tools so that we can be independent, and are important for our survival. By tapping into your own healer within, you empower yourself and those around you. The busyness of life doesn’t always allow access to a practitioner, maybe you need help when they’re off call, you’re in a situation where you can’t talk on the phone, or you don’t have the funds. Whatever your reasons may be, when you have a few tools in your toolbox, life becomes so much easier. You can help yourself whenever you need help. After all, you’re your own best healer and you do have the power to heal yourself. Believe me, you do.




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Sarah writes about the QT life + style and everything in between. When she is not empowering through words, you may find her in the kitchen whipping up some no-sugar added paleo and raw desserts. If you don’t catch her there, then you may just find her somewhere with a notebook and pen—writing.

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