Dear Quantum Techniques: Please Help Me With My “Weather Memory”

In my article, From the Desk Of, I welcome and invite you, the readers, to e-mail me. Thank you to those who have e-mailed. While I do my best to answer each e-mail to the best of my ability, once in a while, I get questions that I believe would be best answered in a blog post like this one if I think many people experience the issue too and would benefit from it.

Here’s what one reader asked:

178593904Dear QT: I know I have had horrible emotional responses to certain seasons, change of seasons or just the dreadful anticipation of a change. In the fall I get a nervous feeling in my stomach–the old going back to school feeling. For years I’ve had “summer sadness” and I recently read of some others experiencing the same. What can QT do about “weather memory”?

Weather Memory


Dear Weather Memory: What you’d described is called an “association trauma.” It’s an association trauma whereby you have a memory of a trauma that is associated with that weather, season, or change. So every time that weather or season comes up or is expected and anticipated to come up, it elicits a physical or emotional response from you, often not conscious, of that trauma. Clearing the associated trauma will clear this so-called weather memory of yours and/or “summer sadness” and the next time that weather or season comes up again for you, you won’t feel the way you used to feel considering you are 100% completely healed of the trauma field.

In fact, this past summer, Beth Daniel recently did a session with a client to clear “summer depression.” The depression was gone in one session and the client reported that she had the best summer she could remember. In addition, an association trauma is not limited to just weather or seasons. It can be associated with many places, events, people, and things. I will provide you with some hypothetical examples.

Time: For years, you had your lunch money stolen everyday at the same time. Although you no longer go to school, the subconscious has a record of it. Every day at around the same time, you may experience some sort of trauma that shows up for you as a result of that past event.

People: Aunt Betty says that you need to lose weight since you have a spare tire around your waist. Each time you see Aunt Betty, you throw up.

Place: You used to love going to amusement parks, but one time you got robbed. You now feel a sickness to your stomach whenever you see anything that reminds you of amusement parks.

Event: You went to a friend’s birthday party but something traumatic happened to you. Now, you avoid going to parties or group events for fear of embarrassment.

Season: At 3 years of age, you almost drowned when you went swimming in the summer. Each summer, you feel like you’re about to drown and you also have a fear of water. You don’t remember why because you had forgotten about this trauma that happened at such an early age.

Day: You got into an accident during the day, now, you start to feel afraid to drive in broad daylight.

Money: Someone took your hard-earned money and threatened to harm you if you didn’t give. Instead of attracting money, you subconsciously develop the energy to repel money because having money is too painful or that if you have money, someone is going to take it away.

Food: You loved shrimp but one day someone close to you said that you should stop because eating too much of it would clog up your arteries. You didn’t have an allergy to shrimp before, but now, you do.

QT has many tools and scans available for people to use to quickly solve any types of traumas. QT also has products for various levels ranging from beginners to advanced. For starters, you may want to begin with the trauma code. If you’re advanced, the advanced trauma scan from the Evolution Series is excellent to use as well. For deeper issues, and you feel you need assistance, consult with a QT practitioner since there are new scans that are not yet included in the products that are even more powerful and effective than before. You may also wish to look into the Elite library recordings since some of the QT advancements are there, which you can follow along and mirror some of that, if applicable, into your own healing work. Please let us know how this works for you. Thanks again for your e-mail.




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