Find the Underlying Cause of Allergies

I am Dr. Kristin Killops of Quantum Techniques.  For those suffering from allergies, whether they are from pollen or foods, there is good news.

Let’s explore allergies and then discover how QT can help with them. For example, many of us notice that we get allergies from various sources of pollen in the spring, and think that the pollen is the problem. We believe that if pollen were not in the air, we’d be fine. In part that’s true, but it’s only a portion of the picture. Pollen or food allergies herald a larger problem smoldering underneath – the true cause is toxic and inflamed mucosal tissue, either in the nasal passage, airways or sinuses; or in the case of foods, inflammation of the lining of the gut. Without this underlying inflammation, the pollen or offending food would not bother you, as it doesn’t bother many people.

With Quantum Techniques, we determine the offending agents that cause the inflammation and damage of the mucous membranes lining the airways or digestive system. These can be toxins, pathogens or emotional factors. Often it is a combination of some or all of these factors. It is individual – each person is unique and has a unique picture of what is involved.

Here are some common offenders:

Food toxins – dairy, wheat, GMO products, eggs, etc.

Personal care product toxins – the chemicals in our laundry detergents, soaps, hair products and lotions, cleaning products, bedding, carpets, etc.

Environmental toxins – pesticides, herbicides, exhaust, petroleum products, various air pollutants, etc.

The above toxins damage and inflame the mucous membranes and alter the tissue pH, micro-nutrient and probiotic microorganisms. Taking some form of decongestant or anti-histamine simply puts a band-aid on the problem. It is vital to determine and remove the offending agents and to support the healing of the damaged tissues. The beauty of this approach is it this produces healing of many areas of the body and other symptoms can be addressed. Our body is a dynamic and interwoven system.

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About Dr. Kristin Killops

Faced with a prolonged and near fatal illness at age 19, Kristin found herself launched into the broad landscape of medicine, from experimental bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy to individualized nutrition and psychic healing. Kristin survived to make medical history and live a normal productive life, including giving birth to four healthy children despite being sterilized from extensive chemotherapy. Her story, featured in Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, Spontaneous Healing, demonstrates the body’s tremendous capacity to heal even in extreme conditions and the miraculous transformations energy healing can have. Kristin became a Naturopathic Doctor in 1985. She later discontinued naturopathic medicine to become an energy healer and trained in Reconnective Healing, BodyTalk, Neuro-Emotional Technique, EFT and counseling. During this time, Kristin also embarked on a deep spiritual journey which led to profound inner transformation and opened the door to more subtle energies and a unique healing gift. When she discovered Quantum Techniques, she knew she had found her calling. It is a highly effective healing modality which seamlessly weaves together the key components to health and all that she is passionate about; energy work, a wholesome lifestyle and emotional framework, removing the toxin load from the body, spirituality and the advancement of consciousness. Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon.

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