“Is Modern Medicine Killing You or Saving You?” Find Out What One M.D. Has to Say

“The very idea that we should have to ask that kind of question is so upsetting to me as a doctor,” Lissa Rankin, M.D., author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself, stated in the opening of her TEDxFargo talk.

“I was programmed to believe that it was my job to medicate you or to operate on you so that you could go back to the status quo of your stressful life.”

“…maybe instead of medicating you or operating you solely, maybe we need to help you address the issues that might be predisposing you to illness or exacerbating your illness.”

“As doctors, by not acknowledging that, by not helping you recognize that, by not identifying with you what might be activating those stress responses in your body, we might be doing the unthinkable, we might actually be killing you.”

Those stress responses that Dr. Rankin are referring to is one of the areas that Quantum Techniques (QT) practitioners are experts at in diagnosing and clearing.

To name just a few, these stress responses are staying in a toxic relationship when you know is unhealthy, having a pessimistic outlook on life, and the inability to set healthy boundaries like saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty.

“All of these things have been scientifically proven to predispose you to illness, and yet, when was the last time your doctor suggested that?” Dr. Rankin asked.

While it is encouraged that you use whatever tools are available to you to help identify the stressors in your life, QT is one of the quickest and effective systems of energy medicine that can help you clear long-standing issues without having to talk about them and reliving through the pain.

Since all healing is a reconnection back to the Divine, clearing out residual traumas and unresolved issues you’ve been carrying around is necessary if you wish to get back to your natural state of health.

“We’ve taken the biochemical approach to medicine too far and we’ve forgotten what it means to be true healers,” Dr. Rankin said.

In our current “disease management system” as Dr. Andrew Weil calls it and in our “pill-popping” culture, it’s not surprising that this inner healer may have been forgotten. It’s also not surprising if you have a long standing illness that your inner healer might be sleeping.

“Your body is beautifully equipped with natural self-repair mechanism,” Dr. Rankin said. “Your body knows how to fight cancer, how to prevent heart disease, how to fight off infections, [it] does this every day. But those natural self-repair mechanisms are deactivated every time your body is in stress response.”

When your body is blocked from healing itself due to constantly being in a stressed state, you’ve ventured way too far from your True Self; that’s when you might feel separated from the Divine, illness sets in, and you become vulnerable to outside influences.

Over time, when you continuously give your inherent power away to someone or something outside of yourself you believe can heal you and make you whole and make your problems disappear albeit temporarily, you abdicate your physical power.

If you find yourself turning outward instead of inward to seek solutions, go back by turning within. The Truth all along has always been right within you.

QT helps you get there.

Call or e-mail a practitioner now to get started.

About Sarah Bun

Sarah writes about the QT life + style and everything in between. When she is not empowering through words, you may find her in the kitchen whipping up some no-sugar added paleo and raw desserts. If you don’t catch her there, then you may just find her somewhere with a notebook and pen—writing.

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