No More Ear Infections

Effective home treatment for ear infections. No more pain and infections, no more tubes! Killer ear drops:  supplies – olive oil, large spoon, garlic clove, eye dropper Fill a large spoon, tablespoon size, approx 2/3 full with olive oil. Crush a clove of garlic and add to oil. Put the spoon over a burner and heat until the oil just ... Read More »

The Book the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Read

You read that right.  Vani Hari needs no introduction because you may have already seen her on many major mainstream and alternate media outlets whipping up a dish like her comforting Mexican Lentil Tortilla Soup or debating on a hot topic. You may have already joined her growing Food Babe army, liked her on Facebook, and be counted amongst the ... Read More »

Stop Letting Your Washer and Dryer Make You Sick

  At Quantum Techniques (QT), one of the first things a QT practitioner will test for when you come through the door for a session is toxins and how to help you reduce them in your life. This can be done in a number of ways. One involves changes you can make starting with where you are right now: in ... Read More »

Can the Food You Eat Be Causing You Pain and Inflammation?

How Eliminating One Particular Food Can Dramatically Reduce Your Pain and Inflammation To answer the above question, Can the Food You Eat Be Causing You Pain and Inflammation?, the answer is, you guessed it, yes. If you found out today that the food you eat might be causing you pain and inflammation, would you continue to eat it or ... Read More »

From the desk of Dr. Kristin Killops, QT Practitioner..

Water is our greatest ally. Our bodies depend on it, are composed of it, and use it for many necessary biochemical and enzymatic reactions and pathways. It is the medium to flush toxins from our system (consider that many people get headaches if they are dehydrated). Water is as integral to our bodies as it is to our planet. The ... Read More »

Busted: Bamboo Fabric Loaded with Toxic Chemicals

Make no mistake. Bamboo furnishings that grace a person’s living room are aesthetically beautiful to the eyes, but “organic bamboo clothing” or clothing that claims to be made from bamboo is another story. They’re different or at least processed differently. While bamboo exudes beauty and strength and is even said to symbolize “morality,” it’s not so moral after all when ... Read More »

Take Inspired Action-No More Excuses

I hope that all of you are still keeping up with your goals this year. We’re only half way into this brand new month, and I know how easy it can be to fall off the wagon already. If one of your goals is health freedom this year, then, you must read through to the end of this post because ... Read More »

Know your true identity and the Truth of who you are.

Know your true identity and the Truth of who you are.  I have found the only identity I could claim and hold onto that would never lead to suffering, fear or loss.  “I am simply the awareness of this present moment”.  I don’t worry about what happened in the past, I am not that “person” any more.  I don’t have ... Read More »

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