How to Prevent Hot Spots from Re-occurring on Your Dog

You may know hot spot by its formal names such as pyotraumatic dermatitis, moist eczema, or superficial pyoderma. But, whichever fancy term you prefer, it’s still a hot spot. And, it doesn’t make any difference to a dog that has it. I first learned of hot spots from Peter at a big-box pet store. A hot spot is a form ... Read More »

Child Vaccinations: To Inject or Not to Inject?

That is the question. But, the million dollar question is “What are YOU going to do?” Speaking about vaccination is sure going to raise a few eyebrows. The mere mention of the subject can elicit trepidation, fear, anxiety, and even anger depending on who you speak with. You would think that the decision to vaccinate or not is a no-brainer, ... Read More »

The Solution to End All of Your Suffering and Emotional Pain

The Solution to End All of Your Suffering and Emotional Pain Q: If you are right, then why do you suffer so much? A:  It is because you unknowingly live from your false self, instead of your true nature. We are born perfect, whole, complete, experiencing oneness with all that is and only in a true spiritual sense of time; ... Read More »

From the Desk Of…

Do you want to know what’s not so funny? It’s when someone goes to the ER so frequently that the staff and doctors remember her. That isn’t funny, but that was my reality for years until I decided to embark on what I called a sacred healing journey with Quantum Techniques (QT) in 2013. It all started with an innocent ... Read More »

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