Recovering a Lost, Blocked, Open, or Incomplete Treatment

Do you ever feel like you’re doing super after a Quantum Techniques (QT) treatment and then all of a sudden, you don’t? If you have ever felt that way, you might have a lost, blocked, open or an incomplete treatment. At QT, you will often hear practitioners speak of or use those terms.

The neat thing about energy medicine is that treatments aren’t really lost forever and that you can’t get them back. The other neat thing about energy medicine, for example, is that if you have incomplete treatments, you can make sure they’re complete, by finding the missing information. One other neat thing about energy medicine is that this can apply to other treatments you might have had that didn’t complete.

That being said, do you ever wonder how you can recover a lost, blocked, open, or an incomplete treatment?

If you have, then you’ll enjoy watching this fun and heartwarming video from QT practitioner Dr. Thomas Miller. In Part 3 of healing his dog Abby’s vehicular anxiety, Dr. Miller takes us through a sample QT treatment where he recovered lost, open, and incomplete treatments for Abby.

In the previous two videos, Dr. Miller worked on Abby’s anxiety. Prior to this third video, Abby was doing better, but, then, she got anxious in the car again as seen in this video. Dr. Miller said: “Foolishly, I went to the car wash, and, she seemed like she lost her treatment or something went wrong because she’s just as anxious again.”

“You know, I haven’t tested yet, but I’m going to say that probably she, somehow, lost her treatment. And that happens. If I’m working with someone, and they do really good and they call me up and say, Hey, I’m back to where I’ve started, then, I know, that the treatment was effective, but for some reason they lost their treatment or it became incomplete or it got blocked in some way.”

One common misconception that people have when they experience a lost, blocked, open or an incomplete treatment is that they immediately assume that the treatment didn’t work or that it wasn’t effective. The human logic is quick to pass judgment thinking that if it was effective, it would have stayed that way. In energy medicine, there are various factors that can knock out a treatment. However, that can quickly be recovered as Dr. Miller shows you how in the video.

When a lost, blocked, open or an incomplete treatment is suspected, test again to find out what’s actually going on. The most common cause of lost or blocked treatments are toxins or new viruses.

“So, what we’re going to do, we’re going to test Abby again. And, we’re going to see what happened with her treatment. Either it wasn’t completely effective or she lost it in some way; those are the options. So, I’m going to say, “For Abby, I want to be healthy, For Abby, I want to be sick.”

When you say those statements, you want to get a strong and a weak response, respectively. In this case, when Dr. Miller said, “For Abby, I want to be sick,” he got a strong response when it should have been weak. This indicates that Abby is reversed, meaning she had an abnormal polarity. Later on, Dr. Miller found out that he was reversed too. (At 2:17 in the video, Dr. Miller made a confession about what caused the reversal. It was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing each time I got to that part. Sorry Dr. Miller, it was too funny.)

To get out of a reversal, tap on the side of your hand (also known as the karate chop point) and under your nose five times. Afterwards, when you test your original statements again such as “I want to be healthy, I want to be sick” for yourself or someone else, or in this case “For Abby,” you should get a strong and a weak response. Once you get that, you know that you are testable and can resume with the other statements to find out what’s going on. If you are still reversed, you can’t move forward with your testing until you correct it because you won’t get accurate information and correct answers.

Since Dr. Miller and Abby are clear of reversals, he can begin testing for Abby. “So, then, I’m going to check ‘For Abby, I’m 100% free of any blocks to accurate testing, deception in my testing, spiritual deception, interference, obstruction, attacks, or attachments in my testing.’ Clear there.”

“For Abby, I’ve lost a treatment. There it is.” Dr. Miller received a strong response indicating that Abby had lost a treatment. He’s getting somewhere with this information. Dr. Miller just needs to continue asking and put on his detective hat.

“I have a blocked treatment, open treatment, incomplete treatment. So open and incomplete.” Dr. Miller found that Abby had three treatments that hadn’t completed and Abby also had lost all three of those treatments as previously noted.

When you find that you have a lost, blocked, open, and or an incomplete treatment, you want to go into that field to discover what happened to recover treatments that were lost, blocked, opened, or hadn’t completed.

“If we go into this field of lost, blocked, open, and incomplete treatments, and we ask for Abby… in this field, “All ingestants, all ingestants I want to be healthy, all ingestants I want to be sick.” What Dr. Miller is doing here is trying to figure out why the treatments didn’t complete for Abby. If you get a strong response on ‘I want to be sick,’ it means that something you ate or that the body has registered as an ingestant is a problem. If you get a weak response, you’re good to go. You can rule all ingestants out. Abby is clear here.

Next, Dr. Miller checked for injectants. “All injectants, all injectants I want to be healthy, all injectants I want to be sick.” Abby’s owner found an injectant that blocked all three of those treatments. Dr. Miller also found two inhalants causing the problem.

“We’ve got some work to do,” Dr. Miller patted Abby.

“Okay, so, what are we going to do for Abby? She has some vaccinations that are blocking key cell surface receptors. We need to clear those.” (See Evolution Series: Volume 2-Cell Surface Receptor for more information on the Cell Surface Receptor Scan and how to clear.)

After clearing those, Dr. Miller went back and rechecked.

“Now, for Abby, if we go back and ask, in this field of open, blocked, lost or incomplete treatments; ‘All injectants, good. All injectants I want to be healthy, all injectants I want to be sick.’ Okay, so we’ve cleared that. And, then, we’re going to check: ‘All inhalants, all inhalants I want to be healthy, all inhalants I want to be sick.’ Still reversed there on inhalants.”

What Dr. Miller did next was find out what those inhalants were and how many. Since the body and the subconscious mind are very literal, you want to be specific.

After finding out what those inhalants were, Dr. Miller used some advanced scans to clear those out for Abby and “erase them from her field.” Advanced scans can be found in the Evolution series. For right now, if you haven’t mastered the Evolution Series, you can still follow along while watching Dr. Miller clear for Abby, and set that intention to clear it on you (i.e. borrower’s benefits).

“And, now, I’m going to go back and I’m going to check for Abby, I’ve lost a treatment, I have a blocked treatment, I have an open treatment, I have an incomplete treatment. All my treatments are online to 100%, all my treatments are online to 100% effectiveness. Good.” Dr. Miller found everything he needed to close that field and now he can start finding out why Abby got so anxious again.

“Okay. So now, if we think about this treatment, most recently that she’d lost and we go back and I check, if I ask, ‘Just before we went into the car wash for Abby, Abby, I want to be healthy, Abby, I want to be sick.’” Not reversed. This means, the anxiety didn’t start before they went into the car wash.

“So we go in there, the spring, the truck, ‘Abby, Abby I want to be healthy, Abby I want to be sick.’ Okay, so put the soap on the truck. And, that’s, okay, so it’s that inhalant that reversed her right off the bat, knocked off the treatment, same day.” What Dr. Miller found was that as soon as the soap, which Abby’s body registered as an inhalant, touched the truck during the car wash that had reversed Abby and knocked her treatments offline.

There you have it. This is how you recover a lost, blocked, open, or an incomplete treatment. Dr. Miller was able to pinpoint why Abby was doing better previously and why all of a sudden she got anxious again. It was that soap after all.

“We’ll see how she does,” Dr. Miller said.

How do you think Abby does after this treatment and during her next long road trip?

Find out in the conclusion of this 4-part series here.

If your canine experiences anxiety on long road trips or have vehicular anxiety, watch the video for a treatment code to treat your dog with. Also, contact Dr. Thomas Miller for a healing session for yourself or your dog by e-mailing or paging him.


“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Einstein








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