“I am absolutely amazed at the unique healing techniques of Beth and Stephen Daniel! I was referred by my alternative-minded M.D. and am beyond grateful that he suggested I call.

Who would have thought that their Quantum Techniques could address so many health issues remotely? Whether it’s a structural issue (sore back, knee), an oncoming flu or cold, or an emotional upset, their healing knowhow is just a phone call away! They were even able to address the effects of a toxic amount of Novocain that was administered to me, inadvertently, by a well-meaning dentist!

I can’t thank them enough for their level of caring and professional expertise.”

Love and blessings, 

-Cathy Lee Crosby

It may seem crazy – DO IT ANYWAY! Child completely healed of ADHD symptoms, off medications, and excelling in school.


Finally! 28 years of agoraphobia, allergies, migrains, hives, TMJ, and back pain. QT treatments stopped symptoms. ~ Anonymous
Relief! I had struggled for years with headaches, anxiety, body picking, irritablity, and viruses. QT changed my life by relieving all of these.


Chronic migraines had become not only my illness, but also my identity. Imitrex was as common a name around my home as orange juice. What can I say? Since Quantum Techniques, I haven’t had a migraine in six months. That’s the best money I have ever spent.

Quantum Techniques is innovative! In the months since I’ve used this method, I have gained energy, learned how to determine the best foods and supplements for my body, and seen improvement on some longstanding health issues. Most important, I am learning how the mind and body are truly linked.

With the help of my gifted and compassionate practitioner, Beth Daniel, I am resolving the incorrect beliefs that played such a big part in my chronic illness. I recommend QT to anyone who wants to reach the core of their health concerns and work toward a holistic, comprehensive solution.


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