There Is More To Vision Than Meets The Eye

Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” So why do these “windows” grow frequently occluded?

Most people believe that vision is merely a function of the eyes when, in fact, it is shaped by our life experiences, and the inherited experiences of those that have gone before us, which shape our beliefs and perceptions. With these limiting views of our reality, our breathing, awareness, and visual field contract, reducing the quantity and quality of light entering and exiting the eyes, and preventing us from perceiving the true shape of things. Sometimes these limiting beliefs and emotions can act as curtains hiding other information needed for healing such as pathogens or environmental toxins. With energy healing like Quantum Techniques, we gain ease and acceptance, and our connection with life broadens, allowing us to bring in the light, see what we had previously thought was invisible.

Vision is not about looking, as we were taught to believe, but about seeing. They may seem synonymous, but looking is selective, while seeing means to be enlightened to the truth. That is why our eyes are designed to respond to a single photon of light within a few quadrillions of a second; we were meant to be drawn by that which requires our vision. From an early age, however, most of us were taught not to see what we see — blurring our vision in the process.

Improving our vision, is to expand our awareness. In Zen Buddhism, this awakening is called a satori (or “kick in the third eye”), referring to “the eye of contemplation” that looks within to see God. When such an awakening occurs, the eyes appear unusually bright, becoming potent projectors, rather than just receptors, of light. In this state, one sees without looking, opening the door to greater vision, heightened awareness, and even precognition.

With Quantum Techniques we can restore and expand vision naturally, by clearing emotional blocks and blocking beliefs that limit our true vision.


About Dr. Carolee Johnson N.D., M.H.

Carolee Johnson, N.D., M.H. has been practicing in the field of natural health since 1998. She holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health. She was trained as a Master Herbalist by the School of Natural Healing. She was trained in Holistic Iridology by Dr. David J. Pesek. Carolee also holds certifications in Sclerology, Lymphology, and Live Nutrition. She is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Carolee has hosted several live food events with world renowned Russian born author and raw foodist Victoria Boutenko, and has taught many how to regain a good measure of health using hot and cold water, herbs and live nutrition. Thanks to Quantum Techniques she feels she can do a much more complete job in healing. My Personal Testimony: I struggled with my health nearly all my life. After giving birth to my last child, my health completely failed, and the future looked grim. I started working with natural healing after going to doctors and finding that they could do nothing for me. I cured myself of uternine turmors with herbs, live nutrition, hydrotherapy, clean air and sunshine. I also strengthened my ailing heart and kidneys the same way. However, I never regained my strenth and vitality until I met an angel straight out of heaven named Beth Daniel... and then my fortune changed! Quantum Techniques allowed me to find the underlying cause to the constant fatigue and the kidney and heart trouble that never would completely heal. When I came to Quantum Techniques for treatment, I was much too thin and still very weak. I had already tried everything else including other alternative methods and raw food. These natural methods were very helpful, but something was definitely missing. Being able to find the underlying causes made all the difference in regaining complete health and strength, and getting back to normal weight. I was also able to finally rest from the constant bouts of anxiety that had plagued me. Now instead of lying in bed feeling weak and miserable and scared, I enjoy hiking and swimming in natural hot springs with my husband and children, and running a cattle ranch on the desert's modern wild west along the old Pony Express Trail.

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