Natural Solutions to Hypertension

Hello. I am Kristin from Quantum Techniques. Today I’d like to talk about effective ways to lower blood pressure. Blood pressure meds are notoriously problematic for people. They cause lethargy, brain fog, various symptoms that really interfere with functioning in life. If you can avoid having to take them, that’s best.

There are a number of remedies that can be helpful, and without symptoms and side effects, address the blood pressure problems. The first thing, and the simplest thing, the first thing to check is, make sure you’re getting adequate levels of magnesium. Dosage is depending on sex, and age, and weight, and what not. It’s anywhere in the three to 500 mg range. Magnesium helps to relax smooth muscles and relax various muscles throughout the body. It affects the cardiovascular system dramatically.

It also has tremendous number of other benefits. It can help people fall asleep if you take your dose at night and you have a hard time falling asleep. Often people find that that helps with sleep, a number of problems. Then, you can supplement the magnesium with a couple different choices.

Crataegus, or Hawthorne berry is a really good heart strengthener, heart toner. It’s an old remedy and has been used for centuries effectively. The magnesium and the crataegus taken together is a good plan.

You can take … There’s some ayurvedic herbs that are very effective also. This one is called Cardiotone. You can take it with the magnesium. This one is Arjuna Heart. The Cardiotone addresses the blood pressure. This addresses the cardiovascular system, strengthens and boosts.

None of these remedies or drugs. They are strengtheners, boosters, enhancers. They help your body to function normally. Again, decide which one, or have tested, which one would be most effective for you. It won’t hurt you to try these unless you have off the charts high blood pressure that you need to lower immediately. It won’t hurt you to, before you go into your doctor, to give these a try. Here’s to your health. Thanks.

About Dr. Kristin Killops

Faced with a prolonged and near fatal illness at age 19, Kristin found herself launched into the broad landscape of medicine, from experimental bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy to individualized nutrition and psychic healing. Kristin survived to make medical history and live a normal productive life, including giving birth to four healthy children despite being sterilized from extensive chemotherapy. Her story, featured in Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, Spontaneous Healing, demonstrates the body’s tremendous capacity to heal even in extreme conditions and the miraculous transformations energy healing can have. Kristin became a Naturopathic Doctor in 1985. She later discontinued naturopathic medicine to become an energy healer and trained in Reconnective Healing, BodyTalk, Neuro-Emotional Technique, EFT and counseling. During this time, Kristin also embarked on a deep spiritual journey which led to profound inner transformation and opened the door to more subtle energies and a unique healing gift. When she discovered Quantum Techniques, she knew she had found her calling. It is a highly effective healing modality which seamlessly weaves together the key components to health and all that she is passionate about; energy work, a wholesome lifestyle and emotional framework, removing the toxin load from the body, spirituality and the advancement of consciousness. Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon.

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