Monthly Archives: October 2014

Tips for Safe Removal of Silver Mercury Fillings

Now that you’re stronger and are ready for dental amalgam removal, do you know that there are just a few more things to consider? If you’re anything like me, you would probably prefer to have those “silver-mercury” fillings, which aren’t entirely silver by the way, removed as soon as possible, but as the saying goes (and I love saying, thank ... Read More »

The Expanded Model of Self by Dr. Stephen Daniel

Review the chart below and ask yourself, “Where am I, currently, in my level of personal/spiritual development?”  Then, ask, “What do I need to do Now to heal and be free?” In other words, “Where shall I focus my inner work?”         1st level of self 2rd level of self 3rd level of self 4th level of ... Read More »

Be Willing to Let Go

When I look at the picture to the left,  I am reminded of a poem I’d read in the 5th grade by Robert Frost called The Road Not Taken. I will never forget its empowering message that spoke to me at that young age. In life, we have to make choices. The power to choose is one of, if not, ... Read More »

Depressed? It May Not All Be In Your Head

While many would have you believe that depression is a brain chemical imbalance and that being on an antidepressant drug would do the trick, “[r]esearch suggests that depression doesn’t spring from simply having too much or too little of certain brain chemicals,” according to an article published in the Harvard Health Publications called What Causes Depression? At first glance, it ... Read More »

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