Monthly Archives: October 2015

Enjoy What Life Gives You or Suffer

  Beth:   My name is Beth Daniel. I’m one of the founders of Quantum Techniques. You’re probably wondering why this character, my husband, Dr. Stephen Daniel, is wearing a belt around his neck. This is not something I’ve been leading him around by. We do have a story for you that really illustrates how working on your own spiritual consciousness ... Read More »

Precancerous Skin Spots

Hello, I am Kristin Killops with Quantum Techniques. Do you have sun spots, or what your doctor might diagnose as a precancerous lesion or a basal cell carcinoma, pre-carcinoma, and sometimes they’re called liver spots? They are these little kind of scabby looking spots that just don’t heal with time. One way you can take care of those at home ... Read More »

Bell’s Palsy and Quantum Techniques

As I was watching channel 2 news this morning, I noticed a story about a young mother who woke up in the morning with half of her face drooping. She was terrified that it might be a stroke, but soon found out, after a visit to her family doctor, that it was not a stroke at all, but something called ... Read More »

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