Monthly Archives: June 2017

Retirement – Is it Good for Your Health?

  This is Dr. Stephen Daniel, the co-founder of, with my beautiful wife Beth. I want to bring up an interesting topic today. Retirement – is that going to lengthen your life expectancy or reduce it? All of you know people that retired and they died one or two years later. My dad was one of those. You can ... Read More »

How to Eliminate Kidney Stones Naturally

  Hi, I’m Beth Daniel, the Co-Founder of Quantum Techniques, with my husband Dr. Stephen Daniel. We’re often asked about different supplements and different products to support the body for various things that people call us that they’re dealing with. One of the things that we “diagnose” or see in a persons energetic system when they call, very commonly is ... Read More »

A Favorite Smoothie

To boost the health and healing qualities of your smoothies, try adding a couple handfuls of spinach. You will hardly, if at all, know it is there yet the vitamin and phytonutrient content of your smoothie will dramatically increase. Here is my simple, yummy and very healthy breakfast smoothie. I drink it every morning. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. ... Read More »

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