Dr Carolee Johnson Demonstrates the Supertonic Cold and Flu Remedy


Hi, I’m Dr Carolee Johnson with Quantum Techniques.  I have help today to do a demonstration – this is my daughter. Today we’re going to demonstrate supertonic which is an all purpose cold and flu tonic that we use in our family every winter. It’s really helpful taking care of pathogens, stomach flu, things of that nature.  It makes you cry when you make it because there are some very powerful ingredients. Here I have horseradish; I have onions; I have ginger; garlic; I have jalapenos; habaneros; and serrano peppers.  I like my supertonic to be all kinds of hot, to get things moving in your body and it really makes it work!

We’re going to start by chopping these up and blending them in vinegar. I like to use the Braggs raw apple cider vinegar because it is also an anti-pathogen. And so that works together with horseradish; there’s garlic that’s antiviral, antibacterial; onion is antibacterial; ginger and peppers are good for circulatory issues. So it all works together really well and knocks out that cold or flu that’s coming in on you.


So let’s get started making this. I’m going to ask Martha to chop up the horseradish.  “how small do you want it?” Well, horseradish is really quite tough and so it’s hard on the blender so we need it kind of small.  “It’s hard to chop.” I’m going to chop up the ginger. I’ll show you how small I need this.  I know it’s difficult; the ginger’s kind of tough too. You’re going to want to use equal amounts.  So, when I’m putting the ginger in, I want a pretty good size piece like this. I have quite a bit of ginger, but I’m only going to put this much in the blender.  I’m going to chop it up small enough so that it’s not hard on my blender. I have this super-duper Vitamix which is really old, but I love it! It is a really powerful blender, but I still need to chop up some of these tougher vegetables kind of small so that my blender can actually do the job. If you have a smaller, less powerful blender, then it’s important to get these vegetables a lot smaller.  OK, so now I’m going to put in my ginger.  I’m going to put in a good size handful like that. In fact I’m going to put all of this in.


“Do you want some of this horseradish?” No, I’m not going to need all of that. I’m just going to need part of that. That’s quite a bit of ginger and it’s got to be smaller, so I’m going to let you keep chopping and I’m going to chop onions. I’ve had a lot of people tell me, “when you cut onions, they don’t make you cry.”  It always makes me cry!  Okay, here we go – onions in.  I just put in a whole entire onion. “Can you just use it as it is?” Do you think that’s small enough?  “Yep” Okay, it looks like Martha’s done. She’s had it.  “I’m done!”  OK, so what I’m going to do is put a handful of this in there.  “Holy crap, I’m done.”  Okay; Martha disappeared. She’s about had it.  “I’ve just got to get my makeup off.” Okay, now I’m going to break up the garlic. And I don’t really need to peel every clove when I make supertonic because I’m just going to tincture all of this.  We’re going to stand here and cry together.


I’m going to ask Martha to do another difficult task regarding crying, so I’m going to have her do some jalapenos.  “Do these burn your skin?”  The habaneros, I’m just going to throw a few of those in there.  I’m going to put 2 heads of garlic into our supertonic.  And when I make the supertonic, I do make it really strong because the stronger it is, the more effective it is, and the less it takes to get the job done. “I thought the older it was, the stronger it was.”  It does tend to get stronger with age. I do tincture it for a month; but you don’t have to tincture it for that long. You can start using it right away and then let the rest tincture. Okay, is that everything? I’ve got garlic, I’ve got onion.  I’ve got ginger. I don’t have serranos. So I’m going to put some serrano peppers in there. Okay, now I’m going to add the vinegar. Okay, now I’ve got a whole quart of vinegar in there.


Now we’re going to see if this will blend, and see if we can get a nice applesauce consistency.  Okay, so now we have our applesauce consistency with our supertonic.  So now what I do, and you can use bigger jars, but I pour this into quart jars and just let it sit for a month, but you can start using it right away. This is really thick.  If you want to, then you can add a little more vinegar to that so it’s not quite as thick. I’m going to add extra vinegar to that. That will separate a little bit as it tinctures. That’s a really powerful remedy, cold and flu remedy. If you want to taste a little bit of it right now, you can.  Umm, “I don’t have to, right?”  Hot… tastes really good.  I know that batch is going to work. Wow.  It’s really good, you want to try it? “No!”  Alright.  I used to have to drag my kids out from under their beds by their ankles to get them to use this.  “Ya, you still do still do.”  You can use this in salad dressings, as well as the supertonic for cold and flu. It tastes really good. So that’s all I’ve got for you today. Have a great day!


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  1. Just in time I made this today to help ward off the beginnings of a cold. I think it’s helping. I added some tumeric and cinnamon.

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