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Tom_Miller_280Hi. I’m Dr. Tom Miller. This is my healing story about how I recovered from Lyme disease. My story starts roughly in 1990 when I had a tick bite. This tick was infected with the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Over a period of about two, or two and a half years I got very, very sick. It was a gradual onset but by the time I got to the point where I had a diagnosis of Lyme disease I was very, very ill.

I had lost a lot of my memory, my ability to think was very diminished. I couldn’t drive. I was so dizzy I couldn’t drive. I was tremendously fatigued. I had headaches all the time. I had pain in my jaws. I had double vision. I had ringing in my ears. None of this is a surprise to anybody who has experienced Lyme disease. It’s a multi-system disease. It affects all the systems in the body.

Luckily I had a positive test and got the diagnosis of Lyme disease and started on antibiotics. After about a year of oral antibiotics I felt pretty good, I thought I was cured. Unfortunately, once I went off the antibiotics the Lyme disease came back. That started about a 19 year run where I took antibiotics nearly every day. If I didn’t take antibiotics, within two or three days I would be sick again. It’s not like I ever got really well, but using the antibiotics I was well enough to function. If optimal function is 10 out of 10, I was probably 6 out of 10 most of the time.

I remember thinking if I just had a day where I felt normal I would be very, very happy. I didn’t feel good. If I just felt normal I would be so happy. I got to the point where the antibiotics didn’t work very well for me, the oral antibiotics. I started IV antibiotic sessions. Then I got a PIC line and I did IV antibiotics at home. Eventually that didn’t work and I couldn’t take getting jabbed in the arm any more. I bought a coil machine, which is like a Rife machine, so I used that and some oral antibiotics. I was getting by. I thought I would eventually die with Lyme disease, not from Lyme disease, but with Lyme disease.

About that time, actually this was in 2009, a friend of mine told me about this guy by the name of Dr. Stephen Daniel who developed this technique called Quantum Techniques. She said, “You’ve got to try this. You talk to him on the phone and he tests you out and he gives you a code.” I’m like, “Yeah, right. Like I’m going to talk to some guy on the phone and he’s going to heal me. “

Desperate people do desperate things, and I was desperate. Eventually I called Dr. Daniel and he tested me over the phone and he said you have 250 some viruses in your brain and you have these hidden bacteria in your body and your laundry detergent is making you sick and you need to stop eating nightshades like potatoes and tomatoes, and I think he took me off gluten and dairy for a while. He gave me a healing code that I read. I felt better.

I wasn’t healed but I felt better and nothing else really helped me to feel better. It was just amazing for me to actually feel semi-normal. I did the code. I continued with that. I started getting to the point where I was plateauing so I called him again. He checked me again, cleared some more stuff, and gave me a new code. Time went by and I got better and better.

Eventually he invited me to join the Quantum Techniques team. I went to Seattle for training. At that training something else happened that was a major breakthrough in my healing. That was using the, we call it the trauma code or the clearing code to clear some things, some traumas from my childhood that were blocking my healing. After that training I never took antibiotics again. I haven’t taken any since then. I think that was 2009.

Quantum Techniques has been instrumental in my recovery from Lyme disease. The amazing thing about Quantum Techniques is that I could have spent the rest of my life trying to kill bugs; trying to kill the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. That’s what I did for nineteen years, I tried to kill the bugs. With Quantum Techniques what we do is we find the things that are blocking the body’s ability to heal. Once we’ve cleared those in my body, it was able to recognize the bacteria, recognize where they’re at and go in and clean them out.

Now, 2015, I feel like I’m completely recovered from Lyme disease. I still have some ups and downs but my functioning now is, I would say it’s 9 out of 10. I do sometimes get sick, but it’s not like ‘Lyme’ sick.

That’s my healing story, my recovery story. Thank you for taking the time to watch this. If you have any questions at all, get it touch with me through the Quantum Techniques website or any of the other practitioners.


About Dr. Thomas Miller

Dr. Thomas Miller received his B.S. and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He has been in private practice in Coon Rapids, MN since 1981. Dr. Miller has experience and training in many different chiropractic and therapeutic techniques, including the Diversified Chiropractic method, Activator instrument adjusting, SacroOccipital Technique, Craniosacral Therapy and acupuncture. He also has experience in using BioSet allergy clearing, Applied Kinesiology, Ulan Nutritional Testing and has extensive post-doctoral training in nutrition and treating and diagnosing internal disorders. Dr. Miller enjoys spending time with his family, walking his dog and riding his motorcycle.

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