Abscesses and Puncture Wounds in Animals

Hello, I am Dr. Kristin Killops of Quantum Techniques, and this is my cat, Houdini, my goofy cat, Houdini. Houdini has a cat door so he can come and go at will and basically has the run of the neighborhood. Every so often, he’ll come back and maybe he’s gotten in a fight with puncture wounds or a pricker or something. There’s been two times I’ve had to treat him.

He’s basically a very healthy cat, but one time he came back and there was this huge abscess right here behind his ear. I saw it in the morning and then I was really busy all day and I didn’t get to it till the evening. I looked at it and it was bigger and kind of deeper under there. It wasn’t right on the surface, so it didn’t seem like it would erupt on its own, and it wasn’t a place he could lick it and open it to help it heal.

I did a very quick check and just figured it must be either a cat claw or a pricker or something else was in there. I tested to do the injectant code. I did it however many times in a row it tested to do. I did it once, then and then an hour later again before I went to bed. I woke up the next morning. It was nice and open, I’ll call it a wound, but it was very clean and it just healed right up. It’s not even in a place where he can lick it and keep it clean and disinfect it and all that, so it healed perfectly fine. He’s got hair, totally normal.

If you have to take a cat to the vet for an abscess, for one just riding in the car is quite traumatic for them, but also sometimes there’s general anesthesia, depending on the wound obviously or the abscess, but stitches, antibiotics, It’s money and it’s pretty traumatic for the cat. Just to do this a few times, doing a simple code, is quite a gift for everybody.

Then another time, Houdini came back and his paw was double in size. He would hold it up when he sat and he was limping. It was really hard to walk on, obviously very painful. I didn’t even check anything. I just thought it’s either a bite or a poke, and I started with the injectant code. Asked how many times to do it in a row and I did it. I came back two hours later, the paw is normal size. He’s walking on it as if nothing has happened. He’s been fine since that.

Quantum Techniques is a good place to start with your pets because animals are much less complicated than we are. They often respond really dramatically. There’s not all sorts of considerations and things that hold a condition in place. They’re pretty straight forward generally and they usually heal quite quickly and dramatically. Again, Quantum Techniques is a great place to start. A lot of times, you can do it yourself. That injectant code I did twice on him didn’t require any brains or training. It was just, “Huh, I think something’s punctured him” and did the code.


About Dr. Kristin Killops

Faced with a prolonged and near fatal illness at age 19, Kristin found herself launched into the broad landscape of medicine, from experimental bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy to individualized nutrition and psychic healing. Kristin survived to make medical history and live a normal productive life, including giving birth to four healthy children despite being sterilized from extensive chemotherapy. Her story, featured in Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, Spontaneous Healing, demonstrates the body’s tremendous capacity to heal even in extreme conditions and the miraculous transformations energy healing can have. Kristin became a Naturopathic Doctor in 1985. She later discontinued naturopathic medicine to become an energy healer and trained in Reconnective Healing, BodyTalk, Neuro-Emotional Technique, EFT and counseling. During this time, Kristin also embarked on a deep spiritual journey which led to profound inner transformation and opened the door to more subtle energies and a unique healing gift. When she discovered Quantum Techniques, she knew she had found her calling. It is a highly effective healing modality which seamlessly weaves together the key components to health and all that she is passionate about; energy work, a wholesome lifestyle and emotional framework, removing the toxin load from the body, spirituality and the advancement of consciousness. Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon.

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