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Living a Life of Delight

  Remember that luscious blush of falling in love? When we feel so charming and lovable, that heady high that makes our world glow. We suddenly delight in ourself, our life and those in it. This is because we see ourselves through the eyes of someone who adores us, rather than through the eyes of our inner critic; that relentless ... Read More »

Making Those Necessary Food Changes

How to eliminate problematic foods gracefully and thoroughly but still feel satisfied. When we try to heal, especially from a chronic, longstanding condition, it is often beneficial or necessary to eliminate certain foods from our diet, at least for a while. Usually this evokes thoughts of deprivation, of removing beloved foods. Rather than an attitude of deprivation, a more helpful ... Read More »

“Treats” Doesn’t Have to Mean “Sugary Sweets”

We seem to be brain-washed from the Betty Crocker days of ‘chocolate chip cookies or ice cream means I love you’. Those were the glory days of creative baking using all the newly created industrial or processed foods. Those days should be a thing of the past. A revamped version is ‘I love you so I’ll bring you something nice ... Read More »

Motion Sickness

Summer is upon us and for many that means vacations and trips. Unfortunately for many, it also means motion sickness; car sickness or airplane sickness. I know from personal experience, it is one of the most miserable of feelings. Here are some tried and true remedies I wish I had known years ago. They would have saved a lot of ... Read More »

Safe Treatment of Lice

At some point in almost every family’s school age years, at least one child will come home with head lice. Lice know no socio-economic boundaries and even household cleanliness does not play a role in the initial infection. The standard treatments for lice – medicated shampoos – contain highly toxic pesticides. As the skin absorbs readily, these poisons are also ... Read More »

Colic: It’s Usually Not the Baby

There is nothing more heart-wrenching and at times frustrating than an infant who screams daily and inconsolably for prolonged periods. We tend to wonder what is wrong with the baby, but often it is something in Mom’s diet that enters the breast milk and is problematic for the infant’s digestive system. Common offenders are cow’s milk, wheat and sometimes even ... Read More »

Quick Cures for Sore Throats

At the first sign of a sore throat, if you blast it immediately, you can often abort the sore throat or the flu that it heralds with these quick tricks: 1) homeopathic aconitum 30C.  Suck on 4 pellets under the tongue; repeat every hour 3 or 4 times. 2) “Isatis” Chinese herbal formula made by Seven Forests Chinese herbs.  Take ... Read More »

Stop the Inflammation, Stop the Pain

Inflammation is the precursor or cause of almost all disease processes, pain or degeneration.  Inflammation in any area of the body causes pain, as in arthritis, itching and irritation, as in psoriasis or vaginitis, or tissue destruction and/or scarring, as in  atherosclerosis or hepatitis. While the modern medical approach is to suppress the inflammation, this can be problematic.    Unfortunately, anti inflammatory drugs ... Read More »

No More Ear Infections

Effective home treatment for ear infections. No more pain and infections, no more tubes! Killer ear drops:  supplies – olive oil, large spoon, garlic clove, eye dropper Fill a large spoon, tablespoon size, approx 2/3 full with olive oil. Crush a clove of garlic and add to oil. Put the spoon over a burner and heat until the oil just ... Read More »

From the desk of Dr. Kristin Killops, QT Practitioner..

Water is our greatest ally. Our bodies depend on it, are composed of it, and use it for many necessary biochemical and enzymatic reactions and pathways. It is the medium to flush toxins from our system (consider that many people get headaches if they are dehydrated). Water is as integral to our bodies as it is to our planet. The ... Read More »

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