Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Quantum Techniques Approach to Finding the Missing Link Part 1

142562015(1)Autism rates are on the rise and scientists are scratching their heads on this one.

Although I was never keen on reading statistics, the recent data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is alarming to say the least; whereas it used to be 1 in 10,000 kids diagnosed with autism in 1981, 1 in 150 in 2000, it is now reportedly an astonishing 1 in 68 nationally. And, if that isn’t alarming enough, pay attention to this: the CDC published a report in 2013 where results from parents surveyed by telephone concluded 1 in 50 school-aged children with the disorder. What’s even more startling is that New Jersey leads with 1 in 45.

While you’ll often hear that every child is different and unique, this is, nonetheless, true for those diagnosed with having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In fact, symptoms are so varied that if you pick up the May 2013 fifth edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or (DSM-5), you’ll even see this medically correct term to reflect and cover the broad spectrum of behaviors these children present. However, the problem doesn’t just lie in the presenting symptoms.

““The problem with autism is you’ve got a spectrum that goes from Einstein down to someone with no language,”” said Temple Grandin, renowned author and professor who has high-functioning autism. It is no wonder scientists are stumped.

Studies conducted so far link mercury in vaccines, genetics, the environment, and many countless others to this brain development disorder, but causes are questionable. Although researchers attempt to single-out a cause, results are inconclusive as more research needs to be done researchers say. However, practitioners who practice an advanced form of energy medicine modality called Quantum Techniques (QT) have another view.

For the uninitiated, QT is a comprehensive system that treats the underlying cause of an issue – not symptoms – through its unique laser-like ability to scan for physical issues such as toxins, pathogen frequencies, and structural issues, as well as nonphysical issues such as traumas, generational fields, and unhealed emotions.

What QT practitioners find with autistic children is that there is no single cause, but a culmination of different factors contributing to the disorder. It’s a “hardwired and soft wired issue,” says QT founder and practitioner Dr. Stephen Daniel in Autism Part 1: A Quantum Techniques Teleclinic.

While what’s uncovered in a QT session will vary for each autistic child, there are many of the same factors that show up. Frequently, what comes up in autistic kids as hardwired issues include the gut, fungal infection, gluten and lactose intolerances, casein sensitivity, and allergies or energy toxins to certain foods.

As for soft-wire issues, those vary depending on what organs might be offline with the body’s informational systems. When this happens, the body simply has lost connection with and can’t communicate with its own healing intelligence. This can be knocked off by physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, as well as toxins and diet.

What practitioners also see that block an autistic child from healing include medication residues, vaccination residues, brain virus, heavy metals, pathogen, specifically energetic frequencies of the Streptococcus, Clostridia and Salmonella bacteria, generational fields, and deep emotional issues.

When these toxins, pathogen frequencies, and emotions are locked up in tissues, organs, and glands, sometimes the body just can’t see the problem and thus heal itself. “What’s causing the problem is very different from what’s blocking the body from healing,” Dr. Daniel told Kathy, a mom who is acting as a surrogate for her daughter who has autism, in Autism Part 2: A Quantum Techniques Teleclinic, adding further, with “chronic issue, the information is hidden from the body.” If the body can see it, it can heal itself. But, if it’s not visible, that’s where practitioners come in to help you find out why.

To uncover hidden information, QT practitioners use what’s called a curtain scan to unveil hidden fields that the body has not yet seen. When the curtains are drawn back, so to speak, additional layer of toxic residues, traumas, pathogen frequencies, and emotions are revealed, giving the body’s healing intelligence data it needs to heal any dysfunction in the body.

When these toxins are hidden in the body, the danger lies in the uncertainty of how and when they will be expressed, whether asymptomatically, symptomatically, or as an illness. What’s worse is not knowing what kind of damage toxins can do to the body if left undetected and latent. According to one report, this may show up as autism for some.

This unraveling of the onion is a big leap for those with complex issues and chronic illness because unless these toxic residues, traumas, and emotions are cleared out of the body, permanent healing can’t be achieved. But, with QT’s diagnostic scans, practitioners have found a way to dialogue with the body to do exactly that and more.

As you can see, there are many factors involved in solving this enigma called autism. In fact, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to treating this complex disorder. Just as similar, no two QT treatments are the same as each session is individualized to fit the clients’ needs based on their bodies’ priorities. You can be sure that if Johnny or Jane isn’t ready for that heavy metal detoxification you want him or her to do, a QT practitioner will let you know.

When paging a QT practitioner for a remote telephone session to clear your child of the hardwired and soft wired issues, know that practitioners are doing more than just reducing and clearing toxin fields. Practitioners also help find the missing link and put online communications that have been knocked offline, sort of like resetting the circuit-breakers, if you will. Once the communication is online, the body will know exactly what to do from there.

With the emergence of energy medicine, more can be done today than yesterday through QT. This translates to fewer QT treatment sessions and more robust healing. You’ll also find with energy medicine that there are no medications to take and no diagnostic labels given.

With new advancements in QT and scans like the Reconnection, Seat of Consciousness, Autonomic Disregulation, and the Spinal Segment, which were not covered in the three-part Autism Teleclinics, practitioners now have more tools and information to work with to help guide your child on the path to recovery more quickly than before.

This is not to say that practitioners have all of the answers, but that is the beauty of this work; it leaves room for expansion, growth, and breakthrough as opposed to stagnation, and limitations imposed by the conscious mind.

Since we live in a world that is constantly changing, energy medicine changes with the times, with QT being light years ahead. When you consider healing your child through QT, practitioners don’t just look at one thing; they pretty much address the whole spectrum (no pun intended).

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