Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Quantum Techniques Approach to Finding the Missing Link Part 2

105088879One of the goals of Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, founders and practitioners of Quantum Techniques (QT), is to provide you with tools to empower you to heal yourself and others. Having these tools is crucial in the management of any complex disorder or chronic illness. If you have a child diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, knowing just one tool will make a huge difference overall.

As a parent, since you’re the one who goes to work harder for your child than anyone else, you might as well learn a tool or two that can ease your stress and point your kid on the right road to recovery, especially a technique that can help you gain access to accurate information.

By learning to muscle-test as Kathy did, if you remember her from the three-part Autism Teleclinics, a mom who is acting as a surrogate for her child who has autism, you can do the same.

Sometimes you just never know what behaviors your child will display and present next even if you think you know everything about your son or daughter. So taking the guesswork out of the equation makes life a little bit easier for you.

Since we know that communication with young children who are not yet verbal is already a challenge, it is even more so with an autistic child. You may guess, but not knowing with certainty what your autistic child needs is like the blind leading the blind. And, no matter how closely you watch or stay by your child’s side, sometimes there are just some things outside of your control.

While at school or away somewhere, your child might have inhaled a chemical toxin, be exposed to an environmental contactant, or ingested something the body registered as toxic. Obviously, your child has no way of telling you about this and has no way of avoiding toxins. Without knowing this, you’re left to guess what’s wrong if your child comes home displaying an array of perplexing behaviors.

What many parents may also not realize is that sometimes your child’s symptoms are a die-off reaction from supplements mimicking the presenting symptoms. You might think your child is having one of those moments again, when in fact it could be due to something else. Maybe you gave a dose that was too strong or maybe you didn’t know the supplement tested as an energy toxin for your child.

All of these things may cause your child to be reversed, where the meridian energies are flowing backwards, resulting in a disruption in the effectiveness of treatments, blocking natural healing from occurring, and symptoms appear to worsen. Without correcting the reversal, it sets your child back and further away from recovery because the body is locked in a state not conducive to healing. But, if you know how to muscle-test, you can clear the reversal if necessary to prevent any delay in healing.

When you learn to muscle-test through Truth Techniques Volume 1, you take the reins into your own hands and you become your own detective. When you know how to muscle-test, you can dialogue with your child’s healing intelligence to make sure your child is consistently in a profound love healing state because a body that is in a fear state cannot heal; even Dr. Bruce Lipton has confirmed on a cellular level that the body is either in a love or fear state.

And, that’s not all. One of the many things you can also do with muscle-testing is check whether the combination of supplements and therapies is even helpful and effective. If the combination is not, you can find one that is, meanwhile, sparing your child from potential problems associated with supplements not being agreeable to the body and spending money on therapies that don’t work.

By knowing this much, you’re on your way to help your child effectively manage this complex disorder as well as set your son or daughter on the path to recovery much quicker. When your child loses a treatment, you’ll know how to get it back. When your child is reversed, you’ll know how to correct it. And, when your child is down with something, you’ll know how to check what’s causing it, and then take the necessary steps to help your son or daughter get back into a healing state.

Not only does this eliminate the guessing work, you’ll know that whatever you’re doing only adds to your child’s healing rather than subtract from it. Knowing just this one technique will save you 95% of the cost of treatments with a QT practitioner in the long run. Even more important is that you become independent of a practitioner and have a tool available for you to use any time of day and night, especially during those times when you need information and answers quick.

While it may seem like there’s a lot to do and undo in the beginning, the possibility of seeing your child fully recover is worth it. The journey may seem long and weary for those on the autistic spectrum (and it might not), but as Lao-Tzu once said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So don’t give up. (If Kathy, the mom from the Autism Teleclinics can muscle-test, so can you!)

Since times have changed, having this energetic preparedness tool in your toolbox handy is crucial in the management of a child on the autistic spectrum. You’ll understand why when you learn to muscle-test with Truth Techniques Volume 1. Don’t take my word for it. Learn for yourself.

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