The Bigger Picture of Musculo-Skeletal Pain and Injury

I would like to explain a number of highly influential factors in chronic or re-occurring back or joint pain that are not traditionally considered. Virus and other pathogens –  chronic pain usually involves inflammation.  Inflammation is often caused by virus in the local area – the joint, muscle or connective tissue, much like a virus can cause inflammation in the throat ... Read More »

Eat Organic

Hi this is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. One of the most profound healing methods in the world today. I want to share with you something that I learned last week. I have been a slow component to switch over to organic fruits and vegetables. I know. Anyway, does it really matter? Well last week I learned it matters. I wanted ... Read More »

Is Stress Contributing to Your Childs Sickness

Hi, this is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. I wanted to share something that I thought was really interesting. I got something in the email that said, “Is stress contributing to your child’s sickness?” I know that I’ve used Quantum Techniques with my own son for many years, to help him with just your everyday things that they come in ... Read More »

Tips for Safe Removal of Silver Mercury Fillings

Now that you’re stronger and are ready for dental amalgam removal, do you know that there are just a few more things to consider? If you’re anything like me, you would probably prefer to have those “silver-mercury” fillings, which aren’t entirely silver by the way, removed as soon as possible, but as the saying goes (and I love saying, thank ... Read More »

What is a Fungal Infection? Why Should I Care?

What is a fungal infection and what are the common symptoms of a fungal infection? Upwards of 95% of the clients who call a Quantum Techniques practitioner have an undiagnosed underlying fungal infection that is blocking their immune system from doing it’s job. At QT, once the body can see something, it can gain communication with it and be free ... Read More »

The Expanded Model of Self by Dr. Stephen Daniel

Review the chart below and ask yourself, “Where am I, currently, in my level of personal/spiritual development?”  Then, ask, “What do I need to do Now to heal and be free?” In other words, “Where shall I focus my inner work?”         1st level of self 2rd level of self 3rd level of self 4th level of ... Read More »

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