How Your “Story” Might Be Keeping You Close to Your Problem

“Going back in the past and retelling the story is not healing.” – Dr. Stephen Daniel What story are you consistently telling yourself or others? Is it a story that is happy or is it one teeming with angst and gloominess? If it’s one filled with angst and gloominess, retelling this story over and over might be the reason why ... Read More »

The Trauma Code for veterans, war trauma, and PTSD

I’m Dr Stephen Daniel and I’m one of the co-founders, along with my wife Beth, of Quantum Techniques. We want to introduce you to a very powerful easy technique for anyone to use, and it’s our Trauma Code.  Now, this is assuming that you’ve already gone to our website, QuantumTechniques.com, and input the meridian points we use in our codes.  ... Read More »

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