There Is More To Vision Than Meets The Eye

Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” So why do these “windows” grow frequently occluded? Most people believe that vision is merely a function of the eyes when, in fact, it is shaped by our life experiences, and the inherited experiences of those that have gone before us, which shape our beliefs and perceptions. With these limiting ... Read More »

How to Move Through Holiday Stress with Ease

Quantum Techniques wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season. It is important to reconnect with how blessed we are today, even through life’s challenges. We have a new code and system to help you with stress of any kind, during the holidays and after. This code balances the hypothalamus (which is the true master gland), your hormones and ... Read More »

QT Energy and Christmas Food

Hi, I’m Dr. Carolee Johnson with Quantum Techniques. It’s the Christmas season and I know that around Christmas time, that we all tend to eat things that we’re not sure are good for us, and there’s a lot of temptations and a lot of things that we taste and we’re not sure if we should eat it or not. Around ... Read More »

Raw Organic Coconut Treats

  I’m actually lucky, today, to have some macaroon coconut that has already been ground, but if you’re using a more coarse coconut, you’ll want to put it through the food processor. You want about three and a half to four cups, depending on how coarse it is when you start. I’ve got two cups, which is an eight-ounce package, ... Read More »

Jody’s Family Prayer and Blessing

This is Jody Colegrove and I want to share with you a prayer and blessing that I’ve said with my family over the years that I found really helpful and so I wanted to share it with you so that you could say it with your family. I welcome all love and acceptance and safety and joy from myself, God, ... Read More »

Holiday Codes

Holidays, the grand mix of all that’s good tinged with frustrations or upset tummies – let QT help you enjoy them more fully! Here are some helpful codes to slide you through in style:   Anxiety code:  (frequently a toxin issue) eb  sh  g50  eb  e  mf  sh  if  e  eb  e   c  e  oe  a  c   9g ... Read More »

So you think you’re done with the flu…

It’s that time of year – viruses circle the globe, bacteria as well in the form of flus and stomach flus and the like. Your body heals and yay! – You’re over it; right? Not always. If in a week or a few weeks an old injury is re-aggravated – the shoulder you injured in high school, the back pain ... Read More »

Migraines, the Gift that Created Quantum Techniques

My name is Dr. Stephen Daniel. I am the co-founder of quantumtechniques.com. I’m coming to you from beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Often people ask me how this came about. How did this work come about? Like all great inventions or great discoveries, it was driven out of desperation. This was back in the 1990s. I had had headaches since I had ... Read More »

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