Cleaning the Tongue An Ayurvedic Teaching

Hello, I’m Cheyene Stone and I’m very honored to say I’ve been a member of the QT support team for 12 years. I have a passion for optimal health and I love the teachings of Ayurveda. They go back thousands of years. Ayurveda is Sanskrit, and it basically translates as knowledge or wisdom of life and longevity.

Today I want to talk about tongue scraping. Did you know that 40% of the undigested or toxic substances that you put in your body, on your body, or you breath in, are deposited on your tongue each night while you’re sleeping and about three minutes after you wake up your metabolism will kick in and you’ll start to reabsorb those toxins. In Ayurveda we call that ama. It’s usually a brown, or a yellowish, or greenish darker substance coating the tongue is the primary place that you can access ama and get it out of the body quickly.

The tongue in a healthy person whose detox system is pure and not being challenged and everything is cleaned out will be pink and without a coating. If you stick your tongue out and look in the mirror and you don’t find a nice pale pinkish tongue, it’s time to start scraping your tongue. It’s really recommended for everyone.

There are two situations where I don’t recommend it. One is younger children. The other is if there’s an open wound or sore in the mouth. That’s not a good time to start tongue scraping.

Let’s talk about when to tongue scrape. Again, about three minutes after you wake, your metabolism will start to re-assimilate all the toxins that are on your tongue, so you want to do this within the first three minutes of your feet hitting the floor. If you have a one, two, three AM bathroom break, make sure to rinse your mouth out, maybe run a wet toothbrush over your teeth and rinse, and then take the tongue scraper and use the tongue scraper.

Now let’s talk about what the tools look like. I actually prefer this plastic tongue scraper. Maybe it’s nylon. There were two of these in the package for a dollar. They’re called Pluckers. That’s a brand of floss and other oral tools. Again, 50 cents a piece. You can put one in your travel bag, one in your bathroom, throw them away when they get worn. Very reasonable at the local box stores. There are also horseshoe-shaped metal tongue scrapers. You can pick those up at your higher-end health food stores. You’ll always find them at places like Whole Foods, and Sprouts, and probably Natural Groceries has them as well. They can also be ordered on Amazon and they come in copper, stainless steel, and also silver. You’re going to want to test if you’re beneficial on those metals or if you’re better off to use a nylon or plastic tool, but again, you’ll find these broad range of shapes and different techniques that you can use with these.

Primarily you’re going to apply gentle pressure. You’re going to start on the back of the tongue and come forward. Have your hot water running and rinse your tool under that hot water. You’re going to repeat that five to six times. You’ll see that as it rinses off the tool. You want to do this every single day. I also recommend and enjoy tongue scraping right after a nap, or if I’m just had a very restful period where I’m kind of lethargic reading a book, et cetera. It’s a really good time right after that, after a tea time, and you’ve been resting in the afternoon go ahead and rinse your tongue again. Scrape your tongue right after you brush your teeth after your middle of the day meal. It’s not going to hurt and if you’ve got a lot of toxins in the body, it’s going to continue to assist with the process of removing those toxins. I have to tell you, I find this extremely beneficial.

I’m going to talk about some of the signs that you probably will find to be true if you’re very delinquent on tongue scraping or if your detox system is overwhelmed. A coating on the tongue, foul-smelling breath, body odor, mental fatigue or confusion, overall sense of stagnation and weakness, generalized body aches, diminished appetite, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, and lethargy. Again, these are signs that toxins have accumulated in the body, and it’s time to give that attention.

If you muscle test with the Quantum Techniques, or have your practitioner test for you, the tongue scraping would be a very beneficial regiment. I highly recommend it. It’s not expensive.

Now let’s talk just a little bit about the benefits of tongue scraping, give you a little motivation, and it’s not always comfortable. I’ll speak on that just for a moment. When you first start, there may be a gag reflex primarily because of built-up toxins. Anything that comes up needs to come out. Anything that comes down needs to come out. That’s the body’s natural detoxification process. These are not things to be demonized. They’re actually there to enhance our health. Sometimes western science may have a different approach to that. They may think that you need to do something to stop the sympathetic or drainage, wet response. However, it’s the body trying to say, “I’m overwhelmed. I need to detoxify. I need you to get this out.” That’s one of the reasons we might have morning congestion. It could be the sign of a fungal infection or other pathogens or allergens. However, it could also be a sign that you just need to get something out, and you’re not currently having a lifestyle that promotes that [inaudible 00:06:21] response in a healthy way. Tongue scraping can help tremendously with that.

The pores on the tongue are where the taste buds are, and if those have a lot of undigested food built up in the cracks and crevices of the tongue, you’re not going to get the proper signal up to the brain to trigger the proper digestive enzymes for the substance you’re putting in your mouth. There are proper digestive enzymes for carbohydrates, for protein, for dairy. These are different enzymes. One of the reasons we’re going to talk later on in my videos about what different foods to combine and not combine is that you can confuse those signals to the brain and not produce the needed response in the digestive system to break down that food for optimal digestion, optimal absorption of nutrients. You’re going to improve that function when you tongue scrape.

You’re also going to find that your digestion is better, the saliva is going to be more functional. You’re going to find your tongue returning to a healthy, pink tone. You’re going to eliminate nasty morning breath, boost immunity, clear toxins and bacteria, enhance the sense of taste. Again, that’s tied in with those proper signals to the brain when eating. Promote your overall oral and digestive health, gently stimulate your internal organs. I find that I’m fairly sensitive to the fact that this is beneficial to my internal organs. I actually find after I started doing this for a while it became compulsory. If I don’t have my tongue scraper with me all the time, I’m not particularly a happy gal in the morning. I increase the awareness of my state of health by utilizing this tool and this practice and it doesn’t take much time.

I hope that you’ll follow the process. I’m going to lay those steps out again, as well as the benefits in the description of this video, and I’d love to hear back from any of you. Contact me any time at Happy dental health.

About Stephen Daniel Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Daniel obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and then as a psychologist for 22 years prior to retiring as a psychologist to help develop Quantum Techniques and work in bioenergetic medicine full time. During his years as a psychologist he held a proficiency by the American Psychological Association in treating addictive disorders, was advanced-level trained in EMD/R, was a consultant in clinical hypnosis with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and held a Diplomate-Fellow status in psychopharmacology as well as being boarded as a specialist in trauma medicine. Dr. Daniel practices Quantum Techniques as an ordained minister and as a Chaplain. Dr. Daniel was the fifth person ever trained by Dr. Roger Callahan in Voice Technology. He is a conference presenter on the EFT series on chronic illness. He is advanced level trained in NAET by Dr. Nambudripad, and Level 3 trained in TBM by Dr. Victor Frank. Dr. Daniel has Master's level training in Neurolink as well. He is a Licensed Scientific Investigator of the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, using Resonant Field Imaging. He is trained in using Heart Rate Variability Instrumentation as well as Heartmath. In addition, he has studied and developed expertise in Field Control Therapy, Chinese medicine, and Dr. West's lymphatic work. Dr. Daniel is the founding member of QT and lives with his wonderful wife and healer Beth on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

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