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Untitled-2Do you ever wonder what a Quantum Techniques (QT) session is like or what it involves? I know that for me, if I’m new to a healing system, I want to know the nuts and bolts of how it works before I open my wallet and shell out some cash.

QT sessions are done remotely over the phone via the voice and it’s not a talking therapy. Unlike traditional talking therapy, you can talk all you want, but it can take a while to get to the problem. In fact, you may just recreate the very thing you want to get rid of. It’s true.

You can recreate the problem over and over again since the subconscious can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imaginary. This means, if you talk about something that is highly negatively charged, you’re not losing the problem, but are drawing it more closely to you. See my article on How Your “Story” Might Be Keeping You Close to Your Problem for more information on this.

This does not mean that you can’t tell a QT practitioner what your problem is or “talk” about it. What I mean is that unlike traditional therapy where you talk and the therapist listens, with a QT session, you are being energetically treated right then and there over the telephone. Of course, QT practitioners listen too so you can talk all you want. (Note: There is nothing wrong with traditional therapy by the way.)

Since a QT session is done over the phone, you can’t see what a practitioner is doing. Do you ever wonder what a QT practitioner is doing at the other end of the receiver?

Now you can. Watch Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel perform QT on clients face-to-face in Introduction to Quantum Techniques. There, you’ll get an idea of what a QT session is all about, what it looks like, sort of, on the other end. The reason I say sort of is that, there are lots of advancements in QT in recent years and the scans used with each client vary since no one person’s case is the same so you might not see everything in action. But, at least, with this introduction demonstration video, which is free to download, you’ll get a feel and taste of what a QT session entails.

At the end of your QT session, you will receive a code to read every day so that you can work on and heal the issues that you and a QT practitioner were working on over the phone. One thing to remember is that the Divine is absolutely the one doing the healing. It is through your voice connection and the information that is revealed from your Higher Intelligence that allow a QT practitioner to build a treatment field for your healing.

The code given to you is a series of acupuncture points that the body reveals during the session that it says will help balance the issue found. Each time you read the code is like being on the phone again with a QT practitioner and they’d just re-treated you. Typically, you read the code a few times several times a day. If you have ever received acupuncture or chiropractic treatments, you know that you go in several times a week or every week. Reading the code several times a day is similar to being treated by a QT practitioner that many times. The difference is you still get the full power and benefits of a treatment, without having to call and pay for another session. This will not only make healing more powerful, rapid, effective, and efficient, it’s cost-effective in the long run.

Although most people will tell you that if you have a chronic illness, at least from my experience, is that it will take a long time to heal and you will need many sessions. They will say something like, since you didn’t get the illness overnight, it’s going to take time. With energy medicine, since shifts happen quickly, you require fewer sessions in order to experience rapid results and healing. How about that?

Once you are well, you might want to consider learning how to heal yourself and others. Read my article You Can Heal Yourself on how to do just that. Of course, you don’t have to wait until you’re better. You can start anytime you are ready.

But, be sure to check out a demonstration of QT in Introduction to Quantum Techniques.

If you have questions after watching the demonstration video, feel free to contact us. We are only one e-mail or one phone call away.












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