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Hi, I’m Dr. Dave Kirkpatrick from Quantum Techniques, the most comprehensive and effective form of energy medicine available. One of the really fun things about our work is interacting with the clients. Many of them have a background of many different things that they’ve tried to improve their health, including a long list of alternative healing techniques. Generally they are willing to share healing secrets that they have discovered, so with most clients that I work with, I find new ideas and suggestions.

However, the driver of a car that I hired to drive me from the airport in New York to see my grand-kids in Brooklyn surprised me when he told me he was a martial arts fighter, a real estate agent, a photographer, and most interesting of all, a health consultant. He’s worked with all kinds of supplements, but he mostly focuses on the detoxing effects of activated charcoal. Now, it’s not the charcoal that you burn in your grill, which is infused with all sorts of chemicals and toxins. What he referred to was made from charred coconut shells. This charcoal is very porous so it absorbs toxins, and helps them exit the body so they don’t get reabsorbed and further affect you.

It can be used for many things and I’ve used it before, most typically for alleviating gas and bloating, which is a fairly traditional use. Very commonly it’s used for water filtration. It’s also a good digestive cleanse and, as a result, could reduce joint pain. It’s an emergency procedure for food poisoning. You can use it to remove really serious toxins, such as pesticides, mercury and bleach. Some people use it for alcohol poisoning – I’ve never tried this, but it supposedly can minimize hangovers. It’s anti-aging, in that it cleans the liver and the kidneys. It can reduce your bad cholesterol while slightly increasing good cholesterol. You can use it as a poultice for acne, snake bites, poison ivy and various skin conditions. You can use it to cleanse mold from the house.  You can even use it to whiten your teeth!

There are certain situations where you should not use this charcoal, so I suggest calling your practitioner and testing whether or not this is something that will be useful for you. But, it has been used in traditional medicine, in small villages, particularly in the Americas, but I think also in Asia, for centuries. It’s some of these traditional cures that, given proper guidance, can be an affordable, easy alternative to some of the pharmacological solutions that people are offered today, which almost always have side effects.

A good place to get activated charcoal is this website: Give it a try; it could be a good preventative, or an emergency treatment. This was just one more tip that I got from my clients, and what a joy it is to have such good clients! Thank you.

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  1. Hi Dave, Why do you use the unscientific concepts of good and bad cholesterol? Moreover, they do not exist. Ldl is required for the transport of cholesterol to the cells and hdl for transport to the liver. hdl and ldl are means of transport. cholesterol = cholesterol period!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment about the fact that lowering cholesterol is almost always a false issue. I quite agree. However, many people and many doctors do not understand that, forcing people onto statins with further side effects. My intent was to take our clients where they are, without going into the history of cholesterol, and encourage them to use a natural product that will not do harm rather than succumb to pressure in using statins. Dave

  2. Thank you! Just wanted you to know I ordered some capsules and a couple other things. All the best to you.

  3. Activated charcoal is used as a natural remedy to tackle multiple threats internally and externally. The use of activated charcoal can eliminate risks of nausea as well. You’d be wondering how it can eliminate something as such. Visit my blog to know more about charcoal tablets.

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