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Hi, this is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. One of the things we’ll be talking about today is detoxification. What is detoxification? It truly can be as simple as eating and drinking the right things to help your body flow better. It’s really good to eat healthy and to drink lots of water because that helps release the leftover, unwanted toxins from your system. You can also eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Sometimes we just talk about the need to eat well in order to lose weight; well, there’s more to it than that. We should eat fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein and in addition, take probiotics every day. That all adds up to helping the gut flora and the whole digestive system to work and function much better. It’s important to stay away from processed foods, fried foods, sugary foods, and limit red meat intake. When dining, we should serve smaller portions and eat slowly. All of these things go a long way to a healthy diet.

Additionally, drink more water throughout the day. If you add lemons, the hit of electrolytes signals the liver to produce more enzymes which, in turn, helps your digestion to run more smoothly. You can also drink green tea and take milk thistle, if you like the taste, to help boost liver function. I have a current client who just does not drink enough water. When we test to find out why her body’s not functioning to its best ability, it’s because she’s not drinking enough water, which greatly aids in removing sludge from the body. It’s also really important to drink water because in order for Quantum Techniques to work, a conduit is needed, and water is that conduit. It’s extremely important to get sufficient amounts of water each day.

When we exercise, we sweat, which is a way for toxins to exit our body through the skin. So if you’re not sweating as much as you think you should, that could be a clue that your body’s detox system needs a tune-up. Treat your skin right. Dry brushing exfoliates the skin, helps new cells grow better and it also helps with circulation. If Epsom salt tests good for you, put in your bath water as it helps you absorb minerals like magnesium, which promotes regular bowel movements.

Another great way to detox is by getting really good sleep. It’s important to sleep in a bedroom that’s cool and dark, as well as quiet and free of electronics, including cell phones. Keep your cell phone in a different area of the house so that the electromagnetic frequency is not impacting you through the night. Getting good sleep reduces stress and inflammation.

I hope that these tips on detoxifying help you – remember it’s important to move all of the sludge out of the body. I’m happy to test whether your body is detoxing correctly and discovering whether you’re drinking enough water. We want your body to be its healthiest and happiest. Go to and contact us to help you get your health and happiness back!

About Jody King Colegrove

Life has it’s up’s and down’s; my life is no exception. After being married several years my husband and I discovered that we were having difficulty getting pregnant. I had always been the kind of person that when I put my mind to it I can achieve anything. My favorite quote was “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it”, by William Arthur Ward. With this issue I had hit a wall. We did the traditional medical treatments of In Utero Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The egg would not attach to the uterine wall on the 26th day of my cycle because the receptor site had been turned off because of a previously used contraceptive. Not being able to get pregnant, what every other woman can do easily, really made me feel like I was not a women. I started pulling away from people and friends. We started working with Quantum Techniques to heal not only my body, but the trauma of going through all the procedures, the disappointment, and the emotional pain of wanting something so bad and not being able to make my body perform. After working with Steve Daniel and clearing the physical and non physical issues, I got pregnant five months later. This was such a profound healing in my life that I wanted to share Quantum Techniques with others, so I became a practitioner. I have worked with people regarding Anxiety, Headaches/ Migraines, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Weight loss, Addictions, Fungal infections, Depression, Insomnia, Thyroid problems, Broken bones, Warts, Skin issues, Allergies and Sensitivities, Babies and Animals, Dental issues, Sexual Abuse, Environmental Illness, Hormone Imbalance, Phobias/Fears, ect., just to name a few. I found Quantum Techniques to be extremely helpful in raising my son. Whether it was breast feeding, colic, getting him to sleep through the night, bed wetting, potty training, and food sensitivities, Quantum Techniques has helped every step of the way. Several years ago, I broke my leg skiing. I went through two surgeries; one to set the leg and one to remove scar tissue. I spent 5 months in physical therapy. During this time, I used Quantum Techniques to increase the speed of healing my leg and to reduce the pain and inflammation during recovery. I also needed to heal the emotional pain of not being able to walk for 3 months and to live life the way I was used to living it with movement and vitality. I had a great surgeon repair my broken leg. It was wonderful to also have the power of Quantum Techniques to ease my pain and maximize my body’s natural healing abilities. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Architecture from Pacific Union College in California. I live in Flagstaff, Arizona with my husband, Don, son, Avery, and Golden Retriever, Copper. I love traveling, learning, exercising, and gardening. Before joining the Quantum Techniques team I worked as a Real Estate Agent, Property Manager, and most recently as the Owner of a company building high end custom homes. I have Massage training, which includes Reflexology, Asian Medicine, Nutrition, and Herbology. I have training in Dona Eden’s Energy methods, Life Skills by Ron and Nancy Rockey, Laurel Melin’s Emotional Brain Training (EBT or Solutions), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) by Gary Crag, Mark Hyman’s Ultra Mind Solution, and Guy Finley’s teachings. I teach people how to take care of their health and happiness. As we live life we encounter toxins and traumas in our life. These affect our health and keep us trapped in life repeating the same stress or lesson until we learn how to get out of the loop. I would love to share with you how Quantum Techniques can impact your life so you can get back your health and happiness.

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