Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff at Work: How to Transform Your Fear of Meetings with Energy Medicine

177762609I used to dread attending work meetings.

I still remember being handed a yellow legal pad and shoved to my very first meeting by Ms. Smith* (her real name). People with big fancy titles were there. I was a Youth Intern, a title I wore proudly. I was only 16. I couldn’t wait to scurry out the door after the meeting was over to avoid being confronted and interrogated by my supervisor. As luck would have it, Ms. Smith caught up with me as I was halfway out the door and asked if I had taken good notes. I sheepishly looked down and noticed I had only the date written down. For most of the jobs I’ve applied for thereafter, you can bet, I made sure to ask the employer if attending a meeting was a part of the job duties. That was a deal breaker if it was.

Fast forward to today, to you.

Although that solution might have worked temporarily for a teenager, as an adult, dodging a job that includes attending meetings isn’t a bright idea. Rather, it binds us to the exact problem with which we intend to get rid of in the first place. Albert Einstein once said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

As you can imagine, that experience was traumatic for me in some way. It felt like everyone was looking at me during the meeting. Although some smiled encouragingly, I wondered what others were thinking, especially the stoic looking ones with the stern expression. (In hindsight, they could very well be dreading the meeting, too.) As often as I have been told that people are usually busy thinking about themselves, I wasn’t convinced. And in case you are wondering, yes, I was sweating profusely underneath my jacket.

While we all have our own idiosyncrasies and quirks, this so-called fear of meeting is serious business and no small matter. In the beginning of a new job, though, one can probably work his way through the fear by focusing his attention on the pay, the excitement of a new job, and the new responsibilities. But after a while, if the issue is not addressed, the body will find creative ways to get one’s attention. While there are also various reasons why one would dread meetings, this challenge can show up in many different ways for each person.

Physically, for you, you may find yourself sweating profusely before a meeting, your body’s way of alerting you to pay close attention to something amiss. You may start dreading going into work when you know you have a meeting coming up. Or, you may unintentionally fall ill on the same day of your meeting, and you know you hadn’t thought about making yourself sick before. You promise! (You didn’t know that was possible, either, did you?) Not consciously at least.

If you find that this is taking a toll on you and is affecting your work performance each time you face an upcoming meeting, it is time to put a stop to it and prevent fear from taking over and dominating your life.

Next time you know you have a meeting coming up, try the following solutions. See if that will help lessen the intensity of your emotions, your physical symptoms, and set you free once and for all. I wish I had these tools back then. I would have learned how not to sweat the big stuff at work.

1. Use an Energy Shield Before Work and Meeting

A little sidelong glance or something a coworker says could trigger something unaware in us. An energy shield can protect you from these influences and from you picking up on other people’s negativity and toxic energies. Use this before work and check before your meeting if you need to repeat. Quantum Techniques practitioner Jody King-Colegrove discusses how to do this and the various ways you can apply it into your life in Energy Shields: A Quantum Techniques Teleclinic.

2.  Self-Treat Yourself with Quantum Techniques Phobia and Trauma Codes

To do this, it is recommended that you have inputted the Time Saver Codes or treatment points on your body, if not refer to the Getting Started Guide to begin, have Truth Techniques Volume III: Clearing Emotional Issues, and the trauma code handy.

Gently focus on your fear of meetings.

Rate your SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) level from 1 (no symptom) to 10 (the most painful emotion you have had) and write it down somewhere.

Breathe, focus, and feel the emotion; be sure not to put too much thought into it since this is not a thinking or talking therapy. Read the phobia code.

If the emotion is intense, simultaneously read the phobia code while running your fingers through the trauma code. Doing this together helps bypass any resistance you may have to healing the issue.

Repeat until you feel calm. Rate the SUDS level again. It should decrease in intensity.

The phobia code is best said during a situation where you feel fear, but if you are not in a position to do so such as during a meeting, you can use this code beforehand.

3. Call a practitioner

Sometimes, we just need a little help. And fast.

Since old traumas get stuck and can lie dormant in the body, enlisting the help of a skilled practitioner to do some detective work can quickly help you determine and resolve any underlying trauma that might be driving your fear of meetings.

With the exciting field of quantum physics and energy medicine, you will feel much better faster, and you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get your issues resolved or an appointment. (Well, at least, when you page a Quantum Techniques practitioner when they are on-call that is.)

Refer to the new client checklist to get started.

*Ms. Smith, if you are reading this, I appreciate you and thanks!

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