How to Eliminate Kidney Stones Naturally


Hi, I’m Beth Daniel, the Co-Founder of Quantum Techniques, with my husband Dr. Stephen Daniel. We’re often asked about different supplements and different products to support the body for various things that people call us that they’re dealing with. One of the things that we “diagnose” or see in a persons energetic system when they call, very commonly is kidney stones. Now, kidney stones can cause many different symptoms and we have seen them a lot over the years. We’re pretty tuned in to finding them immediately for people if they’re wondering if they have one or not. There’s a quick test that we can do for you, energetically that’s very accurate.

Lets say you do have a kidney stone, one or more. Usually they are going to be on one side versus the other. A person typically knows which side, because that’s where their symptoms are. We’ll test that for you. What are some products you can use to help with kidney stones? Well, for those of you who know Quantum Techniques, we recommend organic watermelon. We recommend watermelon seed tea. We recommend asparagus. We recommend coconut water. Now, depending on where people live, it’s very difficult to get watermelon year around, for example. People have a hard time finding organic watermelon seeds. We decided to find a product that everyone can order online, that tests good for most people. We recommend Breakstone Tea or Breakstone Tincture, otherwise known as chunk of pellagra.

This product here called Renavive has chunk of pellagra in it, plus marshmallow root, plus many other herbs in combination that act as a natural kidney cleanse and hydrate the kidneys, break down excess minerals in the body, and then dissolves kidney stones. Let me tell you, this stuff works. I’ve had kidney stones twice. The first time I used a different product, which was good. The second time, I used Renavive and I was completely better, honestly within 24 to 36 hours. I think I took two of these, twice a day. We’re all different, so we recommend that you test to see first of all whether you might be allergic to some herbs in here. You may be better off with the watermelon or just chunk of pellagra or something else. This is the one I have found to be the best so far and it has done really good things for my clients. You can purchase this product at If you can’t see the bottle, it’s R E N A V I V E.COM. The stuff works; give it a try.

About Beth Daniel

Beth Daniel completed a Masters degree in educational psychology and an Educational Specialist degree (Masters plus sixty credits in school psychological services) at the University of Minnesota. She is licensed as a school psychologist and practiced for eight years where her focus was on wellness promotion, crisis prevention and intervention with children and families. Beth is currently completing her Doctorate in Naturopathy. As a Quantum Techniques practitioner, Beth works outside of her role or licensure as a psychologist. Beth entered the field of Energy Medicine due to her complete recovery from severe multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia and environmental illness using Quantum Techniques. Prior to QT, she had between 25 and 30 allergic reactions per day, some of which were anaphylactic in nature and required oxygen for respiration. Beth is also a cancer survivor. Upon her recovery, Beth trained in Quantum Techniques, Masters level Neurolink, the Yuen Method, Contact Reflex Analysis, Field Control Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Beth is one of only a few hundred people in the world trained at the Masters level in Neurolink and is an Academy Member of the Neurological Integration System. Beth has been a speaker at a number of educational workshops on a variety of topics, including Energy Medicine and its applications. She is a contributor to a book entitled "Ready, Aim, Captivate" which is endorsed by Deepak Chopra. Beth has served as a consultant for a non-profit youth mentorship organization. Beth is the co-founder of Quantum Techniques as it has evolved over the past several years. Beth and Stephen and their Rottweilers are based in Maui, Hawaii.

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