Emotional Cleanse: The Five Elements and the Seasons of Change

As you prepare to clean your body and mind this season, here is one of my favorite guides I refer to when I prepare to do a cleanse. Maybe you will find it helpful, too.

According to Nature Purity, and based on the ancient Chinese theory of The Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, a certain element corresponds with a particular organ or gland, season, and emotion. Moving in accordance with nature’s laws might be helpful in maximizing your results and helping you get the most out of what you want: a more healthy and balanced body.

If you’re not familiar with the ancient theory, Nature Purity’s site says that the Five Elements…

“…exist in everything and everyone, and are essential for life. All the five elements are interconnected and have special and unique relationships. Each element drives the energy of a specific set of organs in our body and corresponds to a specific season of the year and a specific emotion(s).”

Below is a glimpse at what the theory entails from Nature Purity:

  • Wood: liver and gallbladder : spring : anger
  • Fire: heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple warmer : summer : joy
  • Earth: stomach, spleen and pancreas : inter-season summer-fall : worry
  • Metal: lungs, large intestine and skin : fall : grief
  • Water: kidneys, bladder and hair : winter : fear

Whether you believe in the theory or not, it’s still very helpful as a guide to help you understand what’s going on and what might be happening when you cleanse. It’s also helpful to refer to it so that you can plan your cleanse around the cycle of nature. As you know, life is much easier when you flow with it as opposed to pushing against it.

I still remember the time when I did a liver cleanse in the fall before I came across this information. If I’d known before, I would have asked my body’s higher intelligence through muscle-testing whether it was best to proceed with a liver cleanse in the fall or whether I should have waited until spring. I certainly needed a liver cleanse, but looking back now, I think I might have had a much easier time with it had I waited. That was then.

FYI: Just so you know, if you really need to do a liver cleanse, and your body isn’t ready, you can start with an energetic liver/gall bladder cleanse in the meantime if it tests best for you. That treatment code for a liver/gallbladder cleanse is available through Truth Techniques Volume IV.

As you can see, when I did a liver cleanse in the fall, I “supposedly” went against nature. I’ll definitely consider doing a liver cleanse in the spring the next time I do one and see how it goes from there. You too might have a much easier time cleansing your body and mind when you factor this theory into the equation.


186204412Each season has a special climate—its own energy—and when the seasons change, our bodies mirror these changes. When someone has difficulty matching the particular energy “frequency” of a seasonal change or climate, certain health issues can appear.” Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation


While the chart is very useful in helping you gain clarity and insight as to what is or might be going on, remember we’re also all very different. It’s not to say that each time you cleanse, you’ll experience a particular emotion or that you always have a ton of unhealed stuff come up. Because we are very dynamic and our needs change as our consciousness changes, it’s always still best to muscle-test and go from there to determine what cleanse is best to utilize at any given time and in what order. You may also want to refer to QT’s teleclinic on detoxification for a deeper discussion on this.

Remember, when the emotional stuff comes up, do not fret and do not be roped into the darkness. Stay on course and do not give up at the first sign of emotional trouble. The old emotional stuff is there to remind you that it’s time to let them go. Even though moving through it may be hard, there are tools available to help you so that you don’t have to wallow in the pain. Use QT to support you. Use the advanced trauma scan as taught in the Evolution Series Volume 5 and the trauma code to quickly move this out of your system or call a QT practitioner for help.

No one says that you have to go at it alone when the old stuff comes up or that you have to relive through it. One time is enough, don’t you think? When anything comes up to be healed, know that you can always consciously choose to let it go and then hold steadfast to what is true. It’s literally an easier way out. Many of us have had enough learning the lessons of life the hard way. It’s perfectly fine to want to have things go easy for you.

You deserve it!


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