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In my continuing series talking about the health of the brain, I want to speak about supplements. This applies to more than just the brain, but it’s probably particularly important for the brain. We generally try to help people find natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. That may not always be possible, but many of the pharmaceuticals, again as I’ve said in previous sessions, are addressing symptoms rather than the underlying causes. Giving a supplement could be no different; if you’re just taking a supplement to address a symptom rather than the underlying cause, you may not be following the most advisable path. Obviously there are times when you need to suppress symptoms to make life tolerable, but suppressing a symptom often makes it harder to find the root cause. It may mask what really is going on, and so you have to be careful in using supplements.

I had a previous session where I talked about gene testing. There are many gene variations or SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms, that make it very hard for you to process B vitamins, folate, B12, B6, B2. You may need to take half a supplement for that. You may need to have to have a supplement for Omega-3 fish oils because of the concern about eating too much fish with mercury poisoning and this sort of thing. There are certain things you may need as a supplement, but as I said in the session on genetic testing, we are all very different, and what we need will vary tremendously not only from person to person, but from time to time. A supplement hopefully is not something you take forever, something that brings things back into balance so the body can handle the issue itself.

The fundamental principle of Quantum Techniques is what the body can see, the body can heal. So part of what you’re trying to do is bring things into the range in which the body can take care of things. So Quantum Techniques can give you a very refined approach to taking supplements. I go through and evaluate all of my supplements for need each time that I organize them for the days ahead, which is probably about every 10 days. I also look at whether or not I’m taking too many supplements. Sometimes an overload of supplements can bog the body down. So one of the things I can do with QT is evaluate the effectiveness of the combination of supplements, and either add or subtract items to increase the overall impact. This shows you the versatility of muscle testing with Quantum Techniques.

If supplements are something of concern for you, feel free to give us a call at Quantum Techniques. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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