Fall Detoxification: Questions & Answers with QT’s Dr. Carolee Johnson

185461108Experts in the alternative healing industry agree that fall is one of the ideal seasons to do a cleanse, but for many people, myself included, starting a cleanse can feel like a chore, regardless of what time of year it is. Some of us want to have glowing skin, increased energy, and lose a little bit of weight, but with minimal or no effort; few enjoy doing the heavy-duty work that goes into starting a detoxification program.

Doing a cleanse does take energy and preparation, but, it can be an enjoyable experience. When you think about the upside of how you will feel afterwards, that can motivate and inspire you some.

Doing a cleanse in the fall is different than other seasons because we’re in a different season and time of year. Unlike spring, a season bursting with activity and freshness, fall seems to evoke a sense of slowing down, a time of reflection; like I just want to drink a cup of piping hot tea and curl up by the fireplace. In a way, for me, I feel a bit averse to doing a cleanse during this season.

But, then it dawned on me (slaps forehead). The best person I can turn to about this is none other than QT’s own Dr. Carolee Johnson.

Carolee Johnson, N.D., M.H. has been practicing in the field of natural health since 1998. She holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health. She was also trained as a Master Herbalist by the School of Natural Healing and has hosted several live food events with world renowned Russian born author and raw foodist Victoria Boutenko.


I wanted to know what Dr. Johnson’s thoughts were on doing a fall detoxification and what I can do to nourish my mind, body, and spirit at the same time.

What I’d learned from our interview was that doing a cleanse doesn’t have to feel like a chore. If you do it right, and choose a program that meets the needs of your body at the time, it can be enjoyable, regardless of what season it is. Her knowledge inspired me to look at doing cleanses differently.

I also learned that when you do a cleanse, you don’t have to go hard-core like start a 3-week cleanse when you’re just starting out thinking that if you do, you will supposedly experience all of the benefits associated with a cleanse. It doesn’t happen that way though. (Sorry)

But, you can start light with maybe a bowl of vegetable soup, since fall is abundant in those harvest type of vegetables, before beginning so your body doesn’t have the false impression that you’re starving or that you have to slough through a cleanse. You want to be successful from start to finish, but it’s understandable even if you have to make a few U-turns somewhere along during your cleanse.

I hope you enjoy the ideas that Dr. Johnson shared. Her ideas are realistic approaches you can supplement on your own to support yourself further during a detoxification program. They’re really simple. I’m even wondering now, “Why didn’t I think of them?”


Here is the transcript from our interview:


Sarah: Dr. Johnson, there are many people who are interested in starting a detoxification program. Fall seems to be a great time to do this. What are your thoughts about this and what do people need to know about doing a cleanse in the fall?

Dr. Johnson: Fall is a good time to detoxify your body, as is every season. I do a detoxification program four times a year, which is about every three months or so. When I do a detoxification program, I want to cleanse all of the elimination organs because this allows my body to keep the rest of the body clean and in good shape for the coming season.

Fall is particularly important because it is flu season. If your body is clean and well maintained, then your immune system will be healthy and strong, and you will not express the symptoms of viral infection, even if you come in contact with a sick person.

I also make and keep a fall tonic on hand for extra support after my fall detox, to keep my immune system strong.

Sarah: What should people consider when they start a fall detoxification program?

Dr. Johnson: Anytime you do a detoxification program, you want to set that time aside, and dedicate that time to your detox program. Do it when you know you can take things a little easier. You don’t need to stop work or anything, but there are sometimes detox symptoms, and you sometimes tire a little easier. Some people get cold a little easier as well.

Sarah: What kinds of foods should people eat?

Dr. Johnson: Your diet while you are detoxifying your body depends largely on what tests good for you. There is no set of specific foods you should or should not eat. But as a general rule you eat lighter to take the work load off of your body, depending on the type of cleanse you are doing. When I do a detox program myself, I always go all raw, and include plenty of green smoothies into my program for at least ten days. Sometimes I soak and sprout legumes, and make seed milks for fruit smoothies. But I stay raw.
If you are extremely toxic and do not cleanse often, then light veggie soups are a better way to detox your body to start with. Otherwise, you may move your body into a healing crisis, which can make you very weak and sick while your body cleanses.

Sarah: How do people choose a program that is right for them?

Dr. Johnson: A person can choose the program that is right for them by using QT to test what it is that will do their body the most good, without going into crises. Anytime you do a detox program, you want to get the food program right, and then ramp it up by doing at least one liver cleanse with olive oil, one kidney cleanse using herbal teas and juices, and one colon cleanse, as your body is ready for it. When you get to that point, then you start to see the aging process reverse in your body, and you start to look and feel younger!

Note: QT’s Truth Techniques 1 Complete Guide to Self-Testing can teach you how to test.
Sarah: Why is it important to do a detoxification program in the fall?

Dr. Johnson: It is important to do a detox program in the fall, because fall is right before all of the holiday activities. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and that’s not to mention the big candy day on Halloween. These things can take a toll on your body if you allow it to, and people tend to indulge in the happy time of year, by celebrating with food. A feast is tradition! But don’t go overboard, all things in moderation, even for the holidays. Enjoy yourself, but be aware of your body, and take it easy on your good health through the holidays, by enjoying, but not overindulging.

Sarah: Those are excellent ideas, Dr. Johnson. Do you have a recipe for a fall detox soup you would like to share or anything that can nourish the body, mind, and spirit?

Dr. Johnson: There are many ways to detoxify. But the reason I choose raw food to do it, is because of the live enzymes in raw veggies and sprouts. Just remember to use Celtic sea salt with all of your veggies so that they breakdown and digest properly. Going salt free is not helpful. But, rather change your salt to one that is helping your body with detoxification. The minerals in Celtic salt help with detoxification. Your body is an aquatic environment, and requires salt to remain healthy and strong, so whatever detox food recipe you choose, make sure that the right salt is included in that recipe. In the fall, a nice warm vegetable soup is really nice, Celtic salt makes it better.

Sarah: What are some important things to remember when someone is starting a detoxification program?

Dr. Johnson: Some of the important things to remember when starting a detox program is that you are putting your energy into a cleaning project, and you may not have a lot of extra energy to do other things while you are detoxifying, so take it easy.

Stay positive, when you clean out the refuse that has been trapped in the body for long periods of time, you feel a little rough sometimes. Keep things positive! A good attitude makes a big difference while you are cleaning house! When you are done, it feels like you are more finely tuned to the positive and goodness in life. Life feels wonderful!

Sarah: If someone is interested in detoxifying, but doesn’t know where to start, where and what should they do?

Dr. Johnson: If a person is new to detoxification, and doesn’t know where to start, then get busy and get educated. Start reading about detoxification, do your homework. You can start by doing easy three day detox programs every month, by going raw for three days at a time, or in the winter by just doing light veggie soups and vegetable juices for three days at a time. This gives you a little experience and makes you feel good. Then you can move into a deeper detox program as you feel confident and ready.

Sarah: Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for taking the time out of your busy practice for this interview. I am sure these ideas will help many people take the “dread” out of doing a cleanse. From what you’ve just shared, doing a cleanse doesn’t feel like a chore anymore to me. And, it shouldn’t be to begin with. I feel enthusiastic just thinking about it knowing that I don’t have to stop what I’m doing or stay close by the bathroom just in case. It’s also good to know that I don’t have to give up “everything” and that I can still continue to do things and at my own pace. Thanks again!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, up close and personal with one of QT’s practitioners. Dr. Johnson outlined some wonderful ideas you can use to make your fall cleanse one that is enjoyable. I know that for me, doing a cleanse can feel like a chore because of the change in routine and the perception I have to give up what I like for a few days. And, being a creature of habit, who likes that?

But, as you’ve read, doing a cleanse can be very nourishing. You just have to take it easy and listen to what your body needs. The ideas Dr. Johnson shared are very general, but if you’re looking for something more specific to your needs, QT’s teleclinic on detoxification is a great place to start. As mentioned earlier, QT’s Truth Techniques 1 Complete Guide to Self-Testing is a great tool to learn as well as it will teach you how to test your foods and to choose which cleansing program will do your body most good. To contact Dr. Johnson for a consultation or for other inquiries, click here.





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