The Solution to End All of Your Suffering and Emotional Pain


The Solution to End All of Your Suffering and Emotional Pain

Q: If you are right, then why do you suffer so much?

A:  It is because you unknowingly live from your false self, instead of your true nature.

We are born perfect, whole, complete, experiencing oneness with all that is and only in a true spiritual sense of time; it is always NOW.  In normal development, between 18 and 36 months we are conditioned by our society to consciously choose a false self to present to the world.  This can be the good girl, bad boy, smart boy, cute girl.  This becomes the first of many false selves we will create over our lifetime trying to fit into an insane society.  We develop many false selves over our life time, rotating them through our consciousness for which false self is” on center stage” depending on the needs of the day.  This can be the great student, the bad student, the star ball player, the good musician, etc.  At some point in life trying to live through these false selves breaks down and we develop illness and/or begin an inner spiritual search. The anxiety is created by the effort of living an untruth.  We can only live in happiness and peace when we are one with the Truth and our true identity.  We will have great pain and suffering as long as we insist and demand that we are gods, and that what we can imagine in our minds is what is supposed to happen.  If you haven’t seen the movies “Click” with Adam Sandler or ”Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carey, they are worth seeing.  They are Hollywood’s ideas of what happens when we get what we ask for.  “Be careful what you wish for,” as they say.

At the same time there is a different and parallel path taken by those with chronic health issues.  Trauma forms very powerful bonds.  When there is repetitive trauma prior to the age of five, and usually prior to age three, a very intense false self is created.  This is the victim self.  Often it is the most intense self a person knows and is usually unconscious.  A known self, even if unconscious, even if painful,  is always chosen over the anxiety of not knowing who is supposed to show up next. We are terrified of not knowing the answers to life’s questions before they are asked.  In our insanity we believe we control the world and cause what happens next.  We live in our imagination.  We believe in our imagined reality, of how life “should go”.  When it doesn’t go as we think it should,  we feel threatened with fear, anxiety, depression, etc.  What you have in your life is the result of your inner process and thinking.  To have a different result, for example a huge healing, you must surrender the self you have known.  If that self had the answers to your illness and suffering, you wouldn’t be reading this.  The answers lie outside of your thinking mind.  Your job is to wake up , watch, and don’t fall back asleep, and don’t  let your false selves run the show!

At some point in life, our rotating false selves are clearly not working.  We appeal to the rabble of false selves inside for a solution instead of realizing the solution is outside of our known self.  When we ask who will save us, the most intense false self, the victim self volunteers to lead us out of the current anxiety.  Once we choose to follow that false self, we initially feel relief, feel better, because we are now walking a known path.  The problem is this false self was created with the belief that you survived by creating separation.  That means you must stay separate from life, love, the Divine, your feelings, separate from this moment in time to survive.  When you do this you bring forward, in time, the very self that keeps creating the separation and suffering.  If this self cannot recreate you being a victim of others, then it will cause pain and suffering and you become a victim of the false self you have chosen to identify with.

The solution:  Look at your pain and suffering and ask each day, “Why would a sane and conscious person recreate this pain and suffering every day?  What beliefs are operating underneath this suffering self?”  If I truly had the answers, I wouldn’t be suffering like this.  I need to identify, eliminate the false and wrong answers, then ask the question, “Who can truly lead me now?” and wait for the answer from the Divine.

It is a basic spiritual truth, the inner world always forms and determines the outer world.  I need to ask, without attachment to the answer, “What is the false self, the false beliefs in my inner world that keep bringing this form of illness and suffering into existence?”

Quantum Techniques can help you find and heal those beliefs, emotions and trauma fields that block you from your True Self.  If you suspect you are being run by your false self, try a Quantum Techniques session.  You will receive 30 minutes free with a $25 purchase in our store at


-Blessings from Stephen and Beth Daniel

Founders of Quantum Techniques (QT)


About Stephen Daniel Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Daniel obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and then as a psychologist for 22 years prior to retiring as a psychologist to help develop Quantum Techniques and work in bioenergetic medicine full time. During his years as a psychologist he held a proficiency by the American Psychological Association in treating addictive disorders, was advanced-level trained in EMD/R, was a consultant in clinical hypnosis with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and held a Diplomate-Fellow status in psychopharmacology as well as being boarded as a specialist in trauma medicine. Dr. Daniel practices Quantum Techniques as an ordained minister and as a Chaplain. Dr. Daniel was the fifth person ever trained by Dr. Roger Callahan in Voice Technology. He is a conference presenter on the EFT series on chronic illness. He is advanced level trained in NAET by Dr. Nambudripad, and Level 3 trained in TBM by Dr. Victor Frank. Dr. Daniel has Master's level training in Neurolink as well. He is a Licensed Scientific Investigator of the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, using Resonant Field Imaging. He is trained in using Heart Rate Variability Instrumentation as well as Heartmath. In addition, he has studied and developed expertise in Field Control Therapy, Chinese medicine, and Dr. West's lymphatic work. Dr. Daniel is the founding member of QT and lives with his wonderful wife and healer Beth on the island of Maui, Hawaii.


  1. I enjoyed this blog, Dr. Daniel. I’ve utilized Dr. Carolee before, but am really unable to financially afford the sessions that I need. You see, my Chakras are really out of sync with my Solar Plexus being the main one that I suffer with daily from morning to night. My twin sis and I were born 2 mos premature and were not well. God has blessed me many times especially when I had polio at the age of 4. We are 66 now. My twin and I are products of a dysfunctional home with parents who did what they experienced from their parents–perfectionism and criticism. My dad was a Fireman in the AF and we moved all the time so we never had a feeling of home, acceptance, etc. I’m a minister as well–both my husband and I are. God had lead me especially to help those who are the “bruised and brokenhearted . . .” That gives me joy, but in reality, I don’t have JOY in my soul–I said to myself as a child and as I grew older, “Why can’t anyone be happy?” I’m not sure what happiness is, Dr. Daniel and my Chakras as so askew that I can’t walk outside–no strength in my solar plexus. I’m on meds for depression as well and so is my twin. I know about self-affirmations and am trying to do that each and every day, but I don’t seem to be making much progress. I know of God’s unfailing love for me and I’m great at counseling others and letting them know that, but I fail miserably with myself. I have low self-esteem–feel as though I’m not as good as everyone else and my health has gotten even worse over the last 18mos because of no resolution of these issues. What can I do? I don’t know what else to do. I have prayed for healing and I have forgiven myself of many issues over my life (at least I feel that I have). There is so much I want to do for my Lord and I will continue to do even in the state I’m in, but there have been some traumatic things that have happened within my family that have sent me over the top with a desire to “not be in this world” any more. I will NOT do that, but the things that cause that are major disruptions when I’ve been accused of things I haven’t done. But I’ve taken the high road as God calls us to forgive others as He has forgiven us. So, things are much better, but I’d like to not take everything personally and feel like I can stick up for myself w/o getting angry. There was either passivism or anger as a child/teen. Never learned really how be social as my parents weren’t successful at this either, so have put a lot of stress on myself to learn to be “acceptable” around people since I never felt that I was. Anyway, thanks for listening. I send blessings to you and Beth for the work you are doing to help heal the world!

    • Aloha,
      This is Stephen Daniel, the founder of QT. We have a new recent scan that is 10 times faster and more effective for clearing old dissociated trauma fields, emotions and beliefs from the body and energy field. It doesn’t take session after session. Usually one to three sessions to clear. We also have many free and low cost products on our website that will help you heal. The teleclinics on the QT Release Technique ($25) would be a great place to start as you could do the emotional work on your own, plus using the Trauma code free on our homepage. The teleclinics on Spirituality and Consciousness may speak to you as well. You don’t have to continue to live in suffering. Blessings of health, Dr. Daniel

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