How to Get Fast and Accurate Information About Your True Dental Problems

I’m Beth Daniel, the co-founder of, the finest work in energy medicine, we believe, on the planet today. We work remotely with people all over the world with all types of conditions. We’ve been doing this for well over 15 years and one of the common concerns that people have, which is very valid, is their dental health. I would say the number one issue that causes poor chronic health is poor dental health. It affects everything in the body. It’s why it’s so important.

We at Quantum Techniques, can do a fast energetic dental exam if you will, over the phone, quickly and very accurately. Our testing of teeth and mouth issues is bar none. I’ll give you a quick example of what we can do. If you’re not sure about your dental health or you think you have a tooth that’s bothering you, or you think the tooth that’s bothering you is over here, but your not sure which one it is, we can tell you just like that. We’ll go through and test your teeth, typically by quadrants; the upper left, upper right, lower right and lower left. I have the person run their tongue over each quadrant of teeth while I test.

I test individual teeth. I test gums. I test the tooth roots. We can test the integrity of the teeth – whether there’s a crack existing. We can test to see if you have mercury for example, underneath an old crown, that you don’t know that’s there. Are your crowns all testing intact or do you have any that are giving you a problem? What about root canals? If you have root canals, are they testing viable or do some of them have anaerobic bacteria that’s actually draining into your body and making you sick?

We can go through and test all of those things, including gum health – are your gums receding? Do you have pockets in the gums that are affecting your teeth and your dental health? What about the jaw bone? We’ve tested that for people that have had extractions and ended up still having some bacteria in the jaw bone. We were able to locate exactly where it was. We often work with the client’s dentist, holistic and biological dentists in particular. For example, the dentist can give the client an ozone shot and remove the narcosis in a jaw bone, but first they need us to hone into the location and find out the exact location of the problem.

We’re really good with dental issues at that at Quantum Techniques, so call us if you have concerns about your dental health. We can test it for you rapidly and effectively and let you know what’s going on and we’re happy to work with your dentist as well. I’ve got many favorite dentists, especially the United States right now, who I do a lot of work with, and they are willing to work with us to help you as well. Thank you and take care of your teeth!

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