How to Heal a Stomach Ache

Hi, this is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. I’m here recording this video blog in my favorite place on earth, which is Lake Powell on the Utah-Arizona border. Today I want to talk about stomach aches. Sometimes my little son comes to me and says, “Mom, my stomach hurts.” And I have to figure out why it hurts, using muscle testing. I’ll basically try to find out if it’s his actual stomach, or is it his large intestine, or is it his small intestine, or is it the mucosal lining, or his neurotransmitters, or is it all the above?
So then what I do is find out if he ingested something that was irritating him. For example, was it something he ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Is it something that he actually did eat?  Was it some chips that he ate; was it some meat that he had?  And then I test to find out if it was the food itself. So lets say for example that he had some chips, and the chips themselves don’t test badly. So then I find out if it was something on the chips that made his stomach bad, and more than likely than not, it was that he had something on his hands, like a virus or bacteria. Then when he ate the chips, it got into his system as an ingestant, so that’s what’s affecting his stomach.
Then I recite an ingestant healing code for him, usually 4 times.  And then I recite a virus or a bacteria healing code, depending upon what it is, for him 4 times. That usually clears up his stomach ache and he feels a lot better and can go on and play.
Thank you for listening to our video blog.  Go to our website at and you can learn more about what codes that we recommend for releasing for ingestants, viruses and bacteria.

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