How to Make your Endocannabinoid System 100% Effective

Today I want to bring you some exciting news; something that’s been in the news recently. In fact, I’ve created YouTube videos about CBD or high cannabinoid oil. Cannabinoid oil works so well because over one-half of our body’s cell surface receptors work on cannabinoids. There’s cannabinoid 1 and cannabinoid 2 (CB1, CB2). One for the brain and one for the body.

Your body naturally produces cannabinoids; the hemp oil, or the CBD oil, just increases it. So we ask, “Why aren’t they working properly?” Well, we have a new treatment and it’s a way to clean off your cannabinoid receptor sites. What does that mean? It means that 100% of your natural cannabinoids, whether you’re taking CBD oil or not, gets through to the cells where they’re supposed to go; if you’re using CBD oil, you can get by with much less. The cannabinoid treatment is a two part treatment; each part takes about 10 minutes and I usually do them anywhere from one to three days apart. For many people that have chronic infection, such as Lyme’s patients, within two to three weeks after that, it actually supercharges the immune system and starts killing off pathogens. In order to feel their best, those people may need to call back two or three times a week for a five minute treatment, to clear the die-off.

So, what have we noticed with this cannabinoid treatment? Well, cannabinoids are very powerful for all kinds of infection, pain, inflammation, seizures and emotional issues. What are some things that came up right away? Dramatic reduction in chronic body pain. I tried it on a family member, not by blood, who’s been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis. Within two days, their pain was down 95%. That’s pretty remarkable. Now for myself, what did I notice? Again, some chronic injury pain went down 90% – I finally had full neck rotation, which I hadn’t had for 15 years. And the thing that really surprised me is that I was in an area traveling where I would normally have had very bad seasonal allergies, and they were completely nonexistent. I did this treatment on my wife when we were in another area with a high allergen count. She doesn’t normally have allergies, but she was experiencing them this particular time. Within 24 hours, her reaction to the seasonal allergies stopped. Other positive results with this treatment include greater emotional happiness, comfort and stability, but the primary outcome that is most typical is a major reduction in pain, inflammation and seasonal allergies. For many people, it also changes how they test in terms of certain foods that have been toxic.

In my life, the most profound aspect of the cannabinoid scan has been making my wife a morning person! I say that with a smile on my face because it’s such an understatement, and I have always been a morning person, so it’s made for an interesting dichotomy in our relationship. After the cannabinoid scan, she became a morning person and she began waking up earlier, which affected her adrenal function and put her in a better mood. So for only $99.99 call me up and I’ll make your spouse a morning person – I’m joking!

Any QT practitioner can do the CBD, or cannabinoid, scan, so contact us. It can really help. If it can make my wife a morning person, it’s got to be worth something! Have a great day; blessings.

About Stephen Daniel Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Daniel obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and then as a psychologist for 22 years prior to retiring as a psychologist to help develop Quantum Techniques and work in bioenergetic medicine full time. During his years as a psychologist he held a proficiency by the American Psychological Association in treating addictive disorders, was advanced-level trained in EMD/R, was a consultant in clinical hypnosis with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and held a Diplomate-Fellow status in psychopharmacology as well as being boarded as a specialist in trauma medicine. Dr. Daniel practices Quantum Techniques as an ordained minister and as a Chaplain. Dr. Daniel was the fifth person ever trained by Dr. Roger Callahan in Voice Technology. He is a conference presenter on the EFT series on chronic illness. He is advanced level trained in NAET by Dr. Nambudripad, and Level 3 trained in TBM by Dr. Victor Frank. Dr. Daniel has Master's level training in Neurolink as well. He is a Licensed Scientific Investigator of the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, using Resonant Field Imaging. He is trained in using Heart Rate Variability Instrumentation as well as Heartmath. In addition, he has studied and developed expertise in Field Control Therapy, Chinese medicine, and Dr. West's lymphatic work. Dr. Daniel is the founding member of QT and lives with his wonderful wife and healer Beth on the island of Maui, Hawaii.


  1. Hi I’ve been interested in your work for quite a while now and just would like to understand more about what you can do , or what I could do to learn this . Is there some kind of program I could go through to learn?

    • Thank you for your interest in QT, Janean! Some of the best ways to begin learning QT are studying the material on our website (which you’ve likely already been doing), signing up to our elist to stay informed (you can do this in the upper right corner of our website home page in the ‘New to QT?’ window) and becoming proficient with the ability to self-test (learn at least one self-testing method by purchasing our Truth Techniques product in the QT store portion of our website). It just so happens that we are offering a free study group on Tuesday evening (5:30 PM Pacific time) that will focus on what is QT and the QT self-testing protocol. If you are interested, you can get all the details by clicking on the calendar icon in the very upper left corner of the home page of our website. As one becomes more immersed and proficient with the basics of QT, we offer our QT Elite and QT Academy programs for continued learning of more advanced levels of QT. I hope that this info helps you; if you have questions please feel free to contact us!

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