How to Minimize Your Attraction to Spiritual Attachments

491519117Belief creates our reality.

The extent to which spiritual attachments are real and powerful or have power over you is the extent to which you give them power and make their presence real and a reality.

When I first learned about spiritual attachments from an acquaintance of mine studying to be a priest almost ten years ago, I wasn’t scared. I had been sick for so long I was open to any idea that would help explain why nothing worked and why I kept getting sick.

Little did I know that venturing into this realm created all sorts of problems for me and opened up many ‘doors’ that I wasn’t prepared for: frustration, feeling victimized, having a poor me attitude, and anger.

I didn’t understand why I kept getting spiritual attachments or why they still came up after clearing them and clearing them. I thought clearing them once would be a done deal. I didn’t know why I would be subject to more.

But, that was many years ago.

Today, I have a different perspective and outlook regarding this issue. Nowadays, I don’t get spiritual attachments as much as I used to. Of course, sometimes spiritual attachments may still creep up, but I’m at a point where they’re no longer perceived as a threat and they’re no longer something to feel vulnerable about.

Moreover, I seldom even think about them.

Maybe you’re curious as to what I might be doing to decrease their attraction to me. I’m going to tell you.

Before I get into the details, since our beliefs and perceptions create our realities, at one point in my growing understanding of spiritual attachments, I wondered if I was better off not knowing that spiritual attachments exist or whether it was better to acknowledge that they do and clear them as they come.

I couldn’t decide between the lesser of the two evils.

I suppose it’s better to know than not to know.

Ultimately, as I’ve come to learn, and you’ll learn as well in Understanding Spiritual Attachments and Other Non-Physical Attachments Out of Existence, a two-part teleclinic series by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, founders of Quantum Techniques (QT), dealing with spiritual attachments isn’t about battling darkness, rather, it’s about empowering you to seek something higher, something more of a higher consciousness nature in your life. As Beth Daniel says in the teleclinic, it’s not about going hunting for darkness, but to go up higher.

If you go hunting for darkness, that would not only defeat the purpose of what understanding spiritual attachments is all about, you’ll also be in constant battle and you’ll also find yourself delving deeper into a fear state.

As Dr. Henry Malone calls it, you’re “shadow boxing,” which is also the title of his book Shadow Boxing: The Dynamic 2-5-14 Strategy to Defeat the Darkness Within, and you’ll continue to attract more and more spiritual attachments to clear.

Now, you don’t want that do you?

I know I don’t.

What I do know is that you would really love to rarely and never pick up on spiritual attachments again.

So would I.

From my experience, I know it’s possible to close the doors on spiritual attachments forever and I also know what it must feel like to have open doors that attract them.

If you’ve been having issues with attracting or picking up spiritual attachments after much clearing work, I know it’s energetically draining. Sometimes, you might even feel why you, out of everyone on this planet, doing everything right, spiritual attachments in all their various forms and guises (and there are many which is beyond the scope of this post) would solicit you out and intend you harm.

I’ve been there.

Have no fear. You’re not alone. Many walk around afflicted and they are not even aware of this growing problem.

Remember: spiritual attachments have no power over you unless you give them power.

You give them power when you become fearful, powerless, and helpless to them.

You give them power when you blame and abdicate your personal responsibility.

You give them power when you forget you have dominion over them.

Eventually, you lose each round you step into a boxing match with spiritual attachments when you buy into their lies and deception, when your thoughts lead you to darkness and not to the light, to fear and not to love.

So exercise your power towards the good.

You are more powerful than you think.

Remember also: You are perfect where you are in your journey. If you’ve been afflicted by spiritual attachments, there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing you’re doing wrong.

How do you decrease your attraction to spiritual attachments?

The short answer is this: keep turning towards the light. There is no other way, as Guy Finley says, but ‘up.’

Therefore, when you constantly turn towards the light in order to shine the light on the darkness, darkness has no power over you.

You are essentially Light, but your light could be dimmed by many factors like negative thoughts of fear, guilt, and shame. But, once you reveal your light to the spiritual attachments, darkness has no control over you.

Think of it like turning on the light in a dark room.

Here’s what a holistic pioneer and metaphysician H. Emile Cady says in her book Lessons in Truth in the Complete Works of H. Emilie Cady: “Apparent evils are not entities or things of themselves. They are simply apparent absence of the good, just as darkness is absence of light.”

View spiritual attachments as a reminder of this absence of light and how you need to bring more of light into and out of your life.

Whatever this reminder is varies since we’re all on our own personal journey of growth and personal transformation. Of course, if you’ve done work with QT, practitioners will let you know what that is if it comes up in your sessions.

The longer answer to how you decrease your attraction to spiritual attachments is found in the two lists below. The lists help you recognize where and what might increase your attraction to spiritual attachments and what you can do to minimize their attraction to you.

I am only including ones I believe can make a profound difference in your life for the long haul. I practice these in my everyday life as well. I hope they help. Please let me know how they are helping you in your daily life.

Attraction to Spiritual Attachments

There are certainly many, but for now, here are the common ones that if practiced will increase your attraction to spiritual attachments. To decrease your attraction and vulnerability to spiritual attachments, it’s best to avoid, minimize, and heal the items below.

  • Having negative “deranged” thoughts- fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, guilt, hatred, shame, rage, depression, terror, panic, anxiety, nervousness, envy, complaining, and any low-vibration emotions
  • Vows, beliefs, other people’s frozen emotional fields, traumas, past lives, any kind of intention or negative motivation
  • Medication can affect your energetic field. I am not implying that you should immediately drop them if you’re on any prescribed medications
  • Addictions of any kind will lock you in a powerless state
  • Open doors like unhealed issues, generational fields, illegitimacy, self-punishment
  • Going to low-vibration places like hospitals, cemeteries, bars, prisons,
  • Drinking alcohol and taking recreational drugs
  • Misunderstanding of your purpose and relationship with the Divine
  • Weakened energetic fields where there is a perforation in your auric or energetic fields
  • Weakened overall constitution from illness and poor boundaries

De-Attraction of Spiritual Attachments

  • Use of energetic shields as taught in Jody King-Colegrove’s teleclinic on Energy Shields
  • Speak with authority—One like this: “In the name of (fill in the blank with God, Jesus, etc.), I command you to leave to your right and perfect place and never return.”
  • Live in the present moment as the past will render you helpless to change
  • Turn towards the light
  • Establish a spiritual practice by studying works by Guy Finley, Eckhart Tolle, or others
  • Strengthen your body by doing energy work like QT
  • Strengthen your energetic fields– Donna Eden’s daily energetic workout can help
  • Set healthier boundaries
  • Be in a place of gratitude
  • Guard your thoughts by making sure they lead you to thoughts of love and Truth and not fear

As you can see, these tips are ways to help you ascend higher in your consciousness. More or less, what it boils down to in order to shine light on the darkness is to continually turn towards the light. The end-game isn’t about battling darkness. To paraphrase Dr. Daniel, the Light has already won.

Now that you have more ideas on how you can effectively minimize your attraction to spiritual attachments in your daily life, if you haven’t already done so, review the Understanding Spiritual Attachments and Other Non-Physical Attachments Out of Existence teleclinic.

If there is one thing to take away from this whole experience, I would say the importance of having a correct understanding of spiritual attachments because the right understanding will protect you from them. The power lies in your ability to see this ordeal spiritually.

I remember the earlier days when I didn’t know much about spiritual attachments and my poor understanding led to attraction of more of them. Fear begets fear. And again, our beliefs create our realities.

But by reviewing this teleclinic, not only will you gain a correct understanding of spiritual attachments, you’ll learn how to stay clear of them, clear them on your own, and you’ll be provided with tools you won’t find elsewhere. And, you’ll be equipped with tips on how to bring the spiritual attachments to the light as they can hide and can be sneaky.

In my opinion, this teleclinic is the best program out there, and I’m not biased when I say that because I’d purchased it way before I started writing for QT.

See, when it comes to matter like spiritual attachments, I am very particular where I receive my information. This is the only program I trust.

What separates QT’s approach from others in dealing with spiritual attachments is that it helps you find the open doors where spiritual attachments may enter and how to close the doors on them forever.

As you grow in your understanding of Truth, you’ll come to the recognition that the only reality is the Divine.


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