Nontoxic Mold Killer for Sensitive People

This is Dr. Stephen Daniel, coming to you from Maui, Hawaii. We do live on the wet side of the island so we live in the jungle.

I’m the co-founder of with my beautiful wife Beth.

I want to show you a new product that we found helpful. We do not make money on products but we want to bring you the best as we discover them.

This is a new product for killing mold. It is called Mold Killer. The website is I think the owner of the company’s name is Brad. They do a great job of packaging, a great job of customer service.

Where we live, we have to wipe down our walls two, three, four times a year with borax to kill the mold. Our windows are always open since we don’t have air conditioning, so this is a perfect environment for moisture … it’s just what happens when you live in the tropics.

This product kills the mold, gets rid of most stains and is supposed to prevent mold from coming back. We haven’t had a long term trial with it yet, but I can tell you it cleans mold and gets rid of most stains much better than anything else we’ve ever used.

It has an initial smell for a few minutes. One of the things that we noticed when applying is that it kind of irritated our sinuses the first time. A couple of hours later, it didn’t irritate our sinuses at all. It’s because it was killing the mold in our sinuses from our environment.

Even when closing up a room, wiping down the walls, wearing a mask, and then opening up the room back up, within a couple of hours there was no smell; and no mold.

We’re very good at testing toxicity. If you’re concerned it might not be right for you, if you call one of our practitioners we can test it for you. It’s an all natural product. It’s made from natural plant extracts and mineral formulas and is eco-friendly. I think it has some essential oils in it. And I’m not great on essential oils, but I’m fine on this one.

A good product to help you with mold. All natural. Non-toxic. Should reduce your workload. It’s not expensive. Goes a long ways, a long ways.

So, Blessings. Here’s a heads up to Mold Killer from

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