Perfectionism is a Form of Autoimmune Disease: Let’s be free of it!

This is Dr Stephen Daniel, the co-founder of with my beautiful wife Beth. Quantum Techniques is the most comprehensive advanced form of energy medicine done remotely in the world today.  Our commitment is to teach you how to heal yourself. I want to share a thought today about perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually an autoimmune disease. Now what is an autoimmune disease? An autoimmune disease is where there’s confusion internally and the body’s attacking healthy tissue thinking it’s the enemy. So, it’s attacking something that’s normal and healthy by mistake. What is perfectionism? Perfectionism is the unconscious, and possibly conscious belief that we usually acquire from our environment, our family, our religion, whatever it is, before the age of five, that we should know the answer in advance to every question that the Divine or the Universe is ever going to ask of us. And if we don’t know the answer, or we make a mistake, of course a mistake is only according to our imagination, we should attack ourselves. That’s the autoimmune process.
Perfectionism is a very severe, insidious disease designed to cause you to suffer, without exception.  How are we made to learn? I try something, I make a mistake, it causes me discomfort: emotional discomfort, physical discomfort. I didn’t pay the bill on time, and so I change my behavior. I change how I think about something. I change how I relate to people. I make a little note on my calendar. I pay my bill on time. With no condemnation. With no self-punishment. With no attack. It’s simply the way we are designed to learn. If you’re actually successful with perfectionism, whatever that means, so that you never make another mistake, then you just promised me you will never grow as a person. You will never transform. You will never develop any spiritual belief system because you’re self-contained in your imagination. And according to your imagination, you’ve done everything perfectly. Oh that’s right; that means if you suffer, it’s someone else’s fault.  So perfectionism is not only an autoimmune disease, it’s permission to attack everyone else in your life anytime you’re unhappy. Think about that and say, “do I want to cure my perfectionism?”  If you do, you can be present in the moment.
We’re going to do a series of “How Do I Set Myself Free” in these little YouTube videos. This one is “Perfectionism is a Form of Autoimmune Disease: Let’s Be Free of It!”  from

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  1. I am thinking this has been a sub-conscious belief since I was 4 years old. Now the body is 63 and has several auto-immune dis-eases such as T1D, Vitiligo, hypothyroidism and leaky gut. Even in teaching yoga for the last 5 years, I felt a need for perfection. My family, religion, and environment growing up perpetrated this belief in “it is not okay to make a mistake”. So this really hits home and even though my conscious mind says differently, obviously, the subconscious mind is in the Driver’s set.

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