How to Prevent Hot Spots from Re-occurring on Your Dog

86495570You may know hot spot by its formal names such as pyotraumatic dermatitis, moist eczema, or superficial pyoderma. But, whichever fancy term you prefer, it’s still a hot spot. And, it doesn’t make any difference to a dog that has it.

I first learned of hot spots from Peter at a big-box pet store. A hot spot is a form of skin irritation that involves inflammation and infection. Dogs will scratch, bite, and chew the same spot repeatedly leaving bald areas and hair loss. You may see the “spot” reddened and moist, sometimes in multiple locations.

Without proper attention, this can lead to secondary skin infections like those caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria. By that time, a trip to the vet will most likely result in antibiotics, steroids, and maybe some over-the-counter products for your dog. Perhaps, you’ve been down this road before.

While it’s important to follow proper protocol when treating your dog’s open spot, wound, or sore during an acute situation, there are some things you can do additionally to make sure your pet doesn’t break out in hot spots, again.

One of the easiest and often overlooked actions you can take right now is to check your dog’s food. When my dog had hot spots, Peter at the pet store told me that all I had to do was change Preston’s food. I know this idea sounds so simple and almost inane even, but your dog will reap many health benefits with just this small change. And, yes, it works.

If your dog has been suffering from repeated bouts of hot spots and you decide it’s time to ditch the old food, Jt Clough of Maui Dog Remedies recommends switching your dog to a grain-free diet. Clough adds, “Dogs with grain allergies will often have ear infections, excessive scratching, licking of paws, and hot spots. Dogs with these issues will benefit greatly because a grain-free food removes these allergens from the diet.” Clough further suggests adding coconut oil to your dog’s diet as well as applying it on the skin for even more benefits.

Aside from allergies as potential causative factors of hot spots, anything that causes a dog to itch and react through licking, biting, and chewing, can initiate their formation, which as you know, only adds more insult to injury.

Dr. Peter Dobias , photo credit

Dr. Peter Dobias, photo credit

According to Integrative Wellness Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, these “inflamed skin sores” can stem from underlying emotional or mental issue such as “obsessive compulsive disorder, separation anxiety, or even boredom.” However, Dr. Peter Dobias, who practices holistic veterinary medicine, offers another perspective.

Besides citing “muscle injury, sprain or strain” as the cause in some dogs he’s worked with, Dr. Dobias also discovered that for some, a “hot spot location corresponded neurologically to a particular spinal segment that was reactive to touch or immobile.”

Due to decreased energy flow, nerve impulses, and blood to the sore spot and spinal area, Dr. Dobias reasoned that energy stagnation is the root cause. Since we know that each vertebra corresponds to different parts of the body and organs, correcting your dog’s spinal segments in question can provide permanent relief.

For this, Dr. Dobias recommends taking your dog to an animal chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist or IMS (intramuscular needle stimulation) practitioner. But, since you may not have a practitioner in your area, here’s what you can do: opt for a remote healing session by telephone with a Quantum Techniques (QT) practitioner to check your dog’s spinal and structural fields for any energetic disturbances or blockages. (I would also ask a practitioner about the new Spinal Segment scan if I were you.)

But, regardless of the cause, a QT session can determine if other underlying reasons specific to your dog are contributing to the problem that your veterinarian didn’t find or that Western medicine has no answer for. While you’re at it, you might also want to have a list of dog foods ready and have a practitioner check which ones test well for your dog.

Because some pet foods contain ingredients your dog may or may not agree with considering what are contained in some of them, it’s important to have someone check, unless you know how to muscle-test yourself, so be sure the brand you purchase tests well for Spot even if you decide to have your dog go grain-free. It takes less than 5 minutes for a practitioner to muscle-test each one, but if your list is 2 or 3 pages long written on college-ruled paper with no spacing, then that’s another story.

Before you give me the look on this next action, know that taking this step helps not only your pet, but you as well. Generally, animals respond quickly to treatment because they don’t have conscious mind programming like their human counterparts, but, if they’re not, it’s time to check your life for any problem areas.

86500111Since animals pick up on our energies and feelings, working on our stuff can quickly solve a pet’s problem. If your dog breaks out in hot spots each time you go through a major life event or experience the same conflict repeatedly, it’s a good sign Spot is communicating with you that you have stuff to work on.

Danielle Mackinnon, an intuitive, coach, and leading edge animal communicator has this to say: “pet’s issues are often a reflection of [your] their own challenges.” Since hot spots are an irritation issue, check for any irritations in your life that might be challenging you today. Healing this can see dramatic improvements and shifts in your dog. You may just see the hot spots in Spot disappear for good.

Knowing that conventional medicine only provides temporary solutions and relief during an acute situation, these actions can make a huge difference in your dog and relieve your furry companion from unnecessary suffering.

If your dog is suffering from hot spots now, here is a QT universal healing code – c g50 mf e lf 9g th eb e c if th sh oe e a liver lf ch if th c un if mf liver – you can use right away to alleviate your man’s best friend from the discomfort. It’s also anti-itch, anti-pain, anti-infection, anti-pathogenic, and anti-inflammation all rolled into one just minus the side-effects. Your dog is worth it and deserves the best.

For other pet issues, Healing Your Animals with Quantum Techniques DVD serves as a great companion to help with those pesky issues that sometimes don’t seem to want to go away.


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  1. Prevention is key with hot spots. Natural remedies are best for treatment. Nice article on the topic.

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